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Confessions of a Young Earth Creationist Part 1

Welcome to the start of our first series for A Bit of Orange, Season 3!

In this series we will answer the questions, “WHY am I a young earth Biblical Creationist? and why should YOU be one as well?

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Because science and the Bible agree that the plain reading of Genesis is the one that makes sense and fits the facts.

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As the series goes on we will look at what God says in the Old Testament, what Jesus says in the New Testament, what Old Earth Creationists say against Young Earth Creationism, and then the science behind (Or rather, against) Deep Time, gradualism, Big Bang, etc.

Prepare to learn a lot, and fasten your Mind-Diaper! It’s going to get sci-ency up in here as I confess all of my science against Darwin!

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Written by Bryan Melugin

Bryan runs, teaches science and theatre, makes cartoons and puppets, and wants everyone to know and love Jesus.

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