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Dinosaurs and Humans – Did They Co-Exist?

Humans have been fascinated with history for hundreds of years and the age of the dinosaurs is no exception. It is a novel idea that dinosaurs once lived on this planet, roaming – hunting – and living with humans?

Yes, although most mainstream scientists today believe that dinosaurs never lived with humans, there is much evidence that proves quite the opposite.

A Cambodian Dinosaur Discovery

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In A.D. 1186 the Cambodian emperor, Jayavarman VII, built a temple to honor his mother and on the magnificent walls and columns were carved intricate shapes of animals. When this temple was uncovered the carvings revealed monkeys, deer, parrots, and a strange creature that looks just like a Stegosaurus – a dinosaur!

Evolutionary scientists tell us that over 65 million years ago dinosaurs walked the earth but only 829 years ago a stegosaurus dinosaur was carved on an ancient Cambodian temple column.

Actual dinosaur dig sites only started in 1822, more than 600 years after the temple was built. So how could the Cambodians have known way back in A.D. 1186 that the stegosaurus existed? The best explanation would be that at one point humans lived with stegosaurus, and passed down the description to their children.

Perhaps to someone who believes in evolution this would be a strange thought, but to someone who has read the Bible, this would not be a strange idea at all. We are told in Genesis that God created all animals in 6 days and that he made humans and animals to co-exist.

The idea that humans and dinosaurs lived together fits perfectly with the biblical description.

Ancient Pictographs and Petroglyphs indicate human existence with Dinosaurs

At Natural Bridges National Monument in Southeastern Utah, the underside of the second largest bridge is carved with several petroglyphs (rock carvings) and pictographs (rock paintings). The rock art is believed by experts to be 500-1500 years old. Among the carvings that the ancient Anasazi Indians left behind is a mountain goat, human figure, multiple hand prints, and (wait for it) a painting that looks exactly like a dinosaur. This dinosaur looks very much like a Brontosaurus with a long, thick tail, a long neck, wide midsection, and a small head.

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Two well-known rock experts have mentioned this painting stating that it “bears a startling resemblance to a dinosaur, specifically a brontosaurus” (Frances Barnes an evolutionist) “one of the most curious designs is a petroglyph that resembles a dinosaur” (Dennis Slifer)

From this find, we can gather that if these Anasazi Indians had not seen first hand these dinosaurs, which they may very well had, some humans had at one point seen these dinosaurs to pass on the description to their ancestors.

What makes this even more interesting is that only 45 miles away a dinosaur’s fossils were discovered. Can you guess what kind? The remains were that of an Apatosaurus, the same dinosaur that had been painted on the underside of the stone bridge.

In 1922 Samuel Hubbard went to the Grand Canyon on a dig to look for Indian relics. On a canyon wall in Havai Supai Canyon the Indians long ago had drew a wild goat, an elephant, and a creature that looked just like a DINOSAUR!

Within several miles of the pictograph Dr. Hubbard discovered several fossilized dinosaur footprints.

Dinosaur Evidences with Humans

There are several other discoveries that prove that humans at some point lived with dinosaurs. In 1944 a German Business man discovered over 30,000 artifacts in Acambaro, Mexico. Among the figurines hundreds of dinosaur sculptures were uncovered. Dinosaurs that looked like Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Iguanodon, Brachiosaurus, and Tyrannosaurs Rex could be identified at first glance.

How could the ancient peoples of Acambaro have known of dinosaurs if they had been extinct of millions of years already? How could they know if humans had ‘evolved’ after their extinction?

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In Peru, in the Ica section, burial stones from the ancient Ica’s were discovered by Dr. Javier Cabrera Darquea. One third of these stones depicted types of dinosaurs and various pterosaurs. The type of work and location dated them around AD 500-1500. Although these carvings on the rocks depicted dermal frills or spines on the dinosaurs it wasn’t until 1992 that Scientists discovered dermal frills on the fossilized remains of large plant-eating dinosaurs.

So could these ancient Indians have known how to draw these dinosaurs and their spines if they had never seen one?

How did Dinosaurs go Extinct Then?

Large dinosaur graveyards have been discovered, in which piles of dinosaurs have been found together. All over the world these mass dinosaur graves have been uncovered, making us wonder what caused this.

Many Scientists say now that local floods would have been one logical cause to this. But this does not explain the graveyards throughout the whole world.

According to the Bible, there was a worldwide flood and during that time many animals would have been destroyed. According to our evidence of mass-graves a worldwide flood fits in very well. Throughout the yearlong flood thousands of dinosaurs would have drowned and been quickly buried and covered, to be later fossilized.

A recent discovery of a Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil showed soft tissue when it was broken open. This means that the rocky minerals, which usually replace the soft tissue, had not completely finished fossilizing.

If the dinosaurs have been buried for 65 million years the soft tissue would have been decayed or fossilized, but not the way it was found!

So, it makes sense that a yearlong worldwide flood only a few thousand years ago would be the cause of many of the fossils that we find today.

Humans and Dinosaurs: Conclusion

As we can see, human and dinosaur proof of co-existence most certainly proves that dinosaurs did not live 65 million years ago but a few thousand. If dinosaurs have been found to be living only a few thousand years ago, could it be that the earth is also not as old as many believe today? And could it be that we need to search deeper and discover the truth of our origins?

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Written by Victoria Rowbottom

Victoria hails from British Columbia, Canada and has several qualifications in design and photography. She received her digital photography and design certificate from Ryerson University and has been featured internationally for her imagery. Victoria contributes regularly to the Creation Club media graphics collection. She has written several articles and has a passion for anything creative, creation-oriented, and God-honoring. Her blog, is devoted to bringing hope and God’s love to those around her. Her website: is her photography portfolio.

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