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How Do We Know When Dinosaurs Lived?

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[Editor’s note: A few weeks ago, I was sitting next to a dad and c. six-year-old son. The son asked about dinosaurs, and his dad told him they lived so many millions of years ago that no human ever saw them alive. Next, they talked about how scientists think the universe came into being because of the Big Bang. Immediately after that, the dad asked his son whether he believed God is real — like his grandmother does — or not, either way was fine with him. I didn’t hear the son’s answer. The entire conversation took place in the space of a minute.
Learning about the topic of dinosaurs isn’t optional. It’s a gateway drug for many kids to the whole secular worldview. And why should a child distrust the knowledgeable grownups who tell her they lived long before the first people? Forewarned is forearmed.]

Dinosaurs were some of the most amazing creatures that ever roamed earth, but people have different ideas about them. This video covers dinosaurs from a biblical perspective and provides solid evidence that the Bible’s account is true. It is recommended for students in sixth through eighth grade.

Be sure to check out the Handout and other videos in this series.

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