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Human Population: A Crisis for an Old Earth

According to historical records and censuses of the past, the human population doubles in size approximately every 35 years. Obviously, that’s not exactly true right down to each baby born, but it can become a useful number when discussing population patterns. We’re going to use that “magic” number as a base for discovering when the first people appeared on earth.

Let’s suppose that all mankind started with just two people. And suppose that they lived on earth 1 million years ago. In an evolutionary view, this wouldn’t happen, but the likely hood of many species randomly popping up around the world in equal everything, is extremely unlikely. It’s unlikely for even two people to both evolve from monkeys and be similar in anatomy and be able to mate.

Anyway, we’ll assume that an average generation was 42 years, and that each family had an average of 2.4 children (they probably had more but we need to allow growth: if each family group had only two children, there would be zero population growth, since each parent would simply replace themselves, providing no population increase). Allowing for wars, famine, diseases and other devastations and catastrophes, there would be about 105,000 people on Earth right now! That’s a number one followed by 5000 zeros! But the entire earth is said to be able to hold only about 10,100 people.

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On the other side of things, assuming the Biblical view of the Earth being around 6,000 years old we get a different picture. Using the exact same data except for starting at the eight people who survived the Noahic Flood, the current world population would be somewhere around 4.34 billion people. So which view is right? Are there about 105,000 people or about 4.34 billion people on the Earth?

Actually, there are about 7 billion people on this earth right now. So technically, both mathematical equations used with those numbers are wrong. Yet we still learned that the evolutionary view would have us have a lot more people than we are supposed to even hold in our universe, let alone our earth!

While we were only computing with averages and guesses, we got two different numbers. Yet we must look at the basis of these numbers. A Biblical view of the world at about 4 with 9 zeros or a evolutionary view with a 1 followed by 5000 zeros! Human population is quite the crisis for an old earth.

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Written by Christ Follower

This gentleman loves Jesus so much he is working on his biblical scholarship degree, which has meant stepping out of the active creation science community. He has asked for his real name to be removed from here because, although he continues to trust God on creation, he feels he's grown so much as a writer since these articles were written!

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