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Hydraulic Plants and Animals

“Hast thou heard the secret of God? and dost thou restrain wisdom to thyself?” Job 15:8

Hydraulics are part of our everyday lives. Fluids – such as the brake fluid used in your car – cannot be compressed, so when you step on the brake pedal that fluid can be forced from a cylinder into the braking mechanisms attached to your wheels. All hydraulic machines work in a similar way because the fluid used will flow easily to areas where there is less pressure.

American dwarf mistletoeOur Creator made great use of hydraulic principles in many of His creations. We have rigid bones and use fluid to expand and contract our muscles to bend and then stretch our legs. But the spider, for example, does not have a rigid skeleton, so it uses muscles to bend its legs, then pumps fluid into its leg to straighten it out.

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The North American Dwarf mistletoe builds up hydraulic pressure equal to that found in a truck tire in order to catapult its seeds out to a distance of almost 50 feet at a speed close to 60 miles per hour. The squirting cucumber found in the Mediterranean area uses the same principle to propel its seeds up to forty feet.

Unless you think that the brake system in your car came together by chance and natural forces, it doesn’t make any sense to believe that spiders and other plants and animals came about without a Designer and Creator.

Dear Lord, I am constantly amazed at the technical excellence of Your creation. I ask that more scientists would also be amazed and draw the natural conclusion that You are God. From this realization, help them to be open to hearing what You have done for them and all of us through Your Son, Jesus Christ. In His Name. Amen.
Photo: American dwarf mistletoe. Courtesy of J Schmidt.

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Written by Creation Moments

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  1. I want to start by saying that I’m a Christian, so my points of dispute are not religious.

    That’s just not how muscles work. Fluid does not expand and contract the muscles in a human body. Muscle fibres (which make up muscles) shorten when they contract, which pulls on whatever part of the body the muscle is attached to by its tendon. This is a physical process, involving filaments of different proteins inside the muscle fibres, initiated by a nerve impulse. Fluids do not cause muscle movement. Also, muscles can only pull, never push. A joint like the knee uses different muscles to pull the bottom of your lower leg (bending) and the top (extending).

    I admire the intention of this article but please take care to ensure accuracy in your work.

    On a different note, science cannot draw the conclusion that God exists. That is the realm of philosophy. Science is the study of observable and predictable cause/effect relationships. So even if scientists change their personal convictions, you must have realistic expectations regarding the role of science. Some scientific models may be used by some people to advocate atheistic theories, this is true, but the science itself cannot draw conclusions about theology, for or against God.

    • This article was syndicated from the Creation Moments radio website. You might want to share your objections with them as I’m sure they wish to be careful with their facts.
      Their information is easily accessible by clicking on the profile link.
      I understand your objections to science ‘proving’ God’s existence, but we likewise can’t discount what the Bible claims about the power of the natural world to point to God (e.g. Psalms 8+19) and God tells us those who don’t see him in nature are suppressing the truth (Romans 1:18-23).

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