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Life, Death, Fairy Tales, Reality, and the Gospel

This is part of a series explaining the biggest concepts in the universe. Part 1 started by asking if we think we can measure up, then God and Creator, then the really Bad News, and the video above highlights the miracle Jesus accomplished through his death and resurrection.

There is one more video after this talking about Peace on Earth to wrap things up.

May God help you find the truth for yourself and develop your ability to explain what is going on to those around you!

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Written by Cheri Fields

Hi, I’m Cheri Fields: 2nd generation homeschooling mom of seven, wife, writer, and science lover. There is a wealth of information available to help people see how trustworthy God and His testimony in the Bible is. The key is to explain concepts simply so they can be understood by anyone. This is my goal, and I’ve had a lot of fun tackling areas where the world tests our faith.

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