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Neil DeGrasse Tyson: The Bible is not Scientific

Recently I got to visit two homeschool conventions. While I was there I was asked about the new Cosmos series that’s on television. It’s no small secret that I have been ignoring Tyson’s new show. The fact of the matter is that I’m just not interested in TV shows; TV shows about Astronomy are no different. The few shows that I’ve seen are firmly evolutionary and start with the view that nature is all there is. So I really have not taken the time to research it much. However, because I’ve heard a few people heard a few people’s opinions and reviews I think that it’s nigh time that I brought my opinion to you.

First of all for the host himself. Of course, I’ve never met Neil DeGrasse Tyson myself, but I’ve heard what he has to say. When asked about intelligent design, his response was like that of Out the Wormhole host Morgan Freeman. That is; he didn’t really say either way. We do know however that he holds to the naturalistic view that is held by many astronomers and scientists today. Also, he does not believe that the Bible has ever been used scientifically. If I got the chance to meet Neil DeGrasse Tyson, I would ask him if he believed that it was impossible for God to exist and whether he thought that God would have morals. I’ve discovered that although the many letters at the end of their names can sometimes be intimidating, astrophysicists are actually no different from regular people.

The new Cosmos series followed the footsteps of Sagan’s famous series with their opening quote:

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“The Cosmos are all there are, all there ever have been, and all there ever will be.”

Not only is this a faith-based statement, it’s also contrary to scripture. This statement is obviously atheistic and reflects the show’s secular worldview. Although Tyson and Sagan both claim to be agnostics, there show is decidedly atheistic.

So what is a Christian to do with something like Cosmos? Should we accept it and not worry about its secular worldview or should we shun it completely? In my opinion, Christians should turn the tables on the secular scientists and use the new Cosmos series to bring Glory to God. I encourage every one of us to take advantage of the Cosmos series to spread the gospel. You could have all the young people from your church over to watch and discuss the Cosmos series. Then you can point out the evidence for a designer that we see in the universe around us. You could even have a star party that night to see the wonders of astronomy first hand.

As far as graphics go, the Cosmos series has it covered. That’s easy to see from the trailer. Cosmos is just another reminder that we need to do what we can to spread the message of the Lord and the truth of his creation.

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Written by Vinnie Harned

Vinnie Harned is a teenage homeschooled student with a love for science, technology, and astronomy. He also runs the YouTube channel "Homeschooled Nerd" as well as the podcasts 'The Homeschooled Nerdcast', 'Creation Astronomy Now', and his own podcast and blog for content creators 'Still Not Famous' at

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