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Seal Pups Get Attention in Noisy Environments

Do you ever find yourself speaking more deeply in a crowd of people than in a quiet room? Humans can easily change the pitch of their voices, and researchers have found that seal pups might also be able to change their voice’s pitch.

Researchers played sea noises to study the seals’ reactions. Compared to the calls they made when things were quiet, the seals tended to lower their pitch when they were in a noisy environment. Sometimes they would keep their pitch steady when introduced to more intense noise levels. Except for one pup out of the eight in the study, they found that young seals adapt to noises in their environment by lowering the volume of their voice, instead of raising them like humans do.

Secularists hope to study the seals’ vocal abilities more to “unravel the mystery of speech” from an evolutionary viewpoint. However, we know that God created humans separately from the animals and with special features, like the ability to easily change and control the tones and pitches of our voices.

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