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Politics, Extraterrestrials, and Worldview: a Eulogy

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[Originally published in 2018 as An Anticreationist Learns the Truth]

Charles Krauthammer has died from cancer at the age of 68. He was a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, best-selling author, political commentator, and former psychiatric physician (Harvard Medical School). He was a speechwriter for presidential candidate Walter Mondale and a foreign policy advisor to President Ronald Reagan. Prior to his illness, he was an editorial writer for The Washington Post and a politics contributor for Fox News. In 2013 he published his book, Things That Matter-Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics, largely a compilation of articles he had written over the years. By all accounts, he was a highly intelligent individual — brilliant according to some of the journalists who knew him well.

Yet, Krauthammer was a steadfast and outspoken anti-creationist. He wrote,

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Creationism, which presents Genesis as literally and historically true, is not science. It is faith crudely disguised as science.

He also wrote, “Creationism has no part in the science curriculum of any serious country.” And he wrote, “The Bible is not about fact. It is about values” and he depicted creation science as consisting only of “biblical fables.”

Placing His Hope in Politics

Krauthammer believed in evolution and deep time due in large part to his long foray into academia and intellectualism where the Creator God and the Bible have long been banned. He wrote that “everything ultimately rests on politics.” He thought politics was the most important endeavor of man and that was why he chose to be immersed in it for so many years of his life.

He said that his beliefs regarding the importance of politics were foundationally the result of him learning about the millions upon millions of planets in the universe that could support life. This is in reality pseudo-science since no earth-like planet has yet been truly discovered anywhere. Nevertheless, the imaginations of atheistic scientists like Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking convinced Krauthammer that science had proven that extraterrestrial life has to be a fact.

Krauthammer then concluded that the reason we on earth had not heard from any of these millions of extraterrestrial civilizations is that over the billions of years of existence, they had all destroyed themselves. He stood on this hypothesis as support for his idea that politics is what matters most.

True Science

True science does not indicate that biological macroevolution has ever occurred or is even possible. Life only comes from life. True science does indicate that design never comes from the random interaction of matter but requires intelligence. Unfortunately, people will believe anything, and Krauthammer accepted the biggest lie of all based on the imaginations of some cosmologists and others who thought they could reject the Creator God without consequence. It turns out that Krauthammer was truly the one with the false faith that he attempted to place on creationists!

I think it is clear that the legacy of brilliant men like Sagan, Hawking, Lyell, Darwin et al. is that they have led astray millions into the dark hole of unbelief over the past couple of centuries. The brilliant Charles Krauthammer only perpetuated the lies begun by those before him. What a lost opportunity. These men all know the truth now, but I’m afraid it is too late to save their souls.

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J.D. Mitchell on June 22, 2018

J.D. Mitchell portrait (in front of a Triceratops fossil)

Written by J.D. Mitchell

J.D. Mitchell is a retired mechanical engineer, book author, and creation speaker living in the Pacific Northwest. His creation studies specialties are Creation Engineering and Biblical Paleontology. You can find his work at Creation Engineering

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