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What Stars Have to Say About Theories of Origins

Webb telescope 1st Deep Field image, photo credit: NASA

[Originally published as Scientists Discovered Impossible Galaxies]

Secular Science Continues to Get Things Wrong

Astronomers and cosmologists are stunned by the latest pictures they have just received from the James Webb Space telescope, characterizing them as “the impossible galaxies from the dawn of the universe.”

Scientists have known that for Big Bang cosmology to be true, galaxies that are farther away are closer to the original Big Bang event. According to this model, there should be no “mature” galaxies anywhere near the alleged Big Bang beginning of our universe.

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Rather than admitting their Big Bang cosmology is falsified by the existence of mature galaxies a mere 700 million years out from an alleged 13.5 billion-year-old beginning universe, they are doubling down on their Big Bang mythology.

“They expected to maybe see some “tiny, young, baby galaxies.” What they found, however, was something far greater – six massive galaxies dating back about 13.1 billion years that appeared to be just as old as the Milky Way is now.” [Excerpt from the CBS news story 2.23.23 ]

You might think that this new evidence discovering massive mature galaxies that should not be there would cause them to admit the obvious. These Big Bang enthusiasts, as dumbfounded as they are by this new evidence, are still refusing to jettison their version of “In the beginning the Big Bang created.”

Like Darwinian evolutionary theory, no amount of evidence that contradicts molecules-to-men shakes their confidence in their godless materialistic worldview.

This is the choice everyone has to make.

Either you continue to place your faith in the godless, evolutionary explanations that contradict the evidence we are seeing or you admit that “the heavens declare the glory of God” (Ps.19:1). The former will lead you further away from the Truth, Messiah Jesus, John 14:6, but the latter will lead you to the One who can save by transforming sinners into saints by the operation of His glorious grace, Eph. 2:8—10.

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Written by CreationStudies Institute

The Creation Studies Institute was founded by Tom DeRosa in 1988 and has trained tens of thousands of men, women and children over the years with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the beauty of His creation. They are currently focusing on bringing the power of creation to Central America. Find out more at

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