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Rescued From the Snake

Animal burrow in grass: ID 32646065 © Mihairomeob |

I love most creatures. While I’m not a huge fan of mosquitoes and cockroaches I do like some creatures that most people don’t. There is just something about cute little rodents that has always captured my heart.

Roborovski hamster      Roborovski hamster

My house has been host to a number of different rodents over the years. Recently I headed down to the local pet store to pick up a hamster. (The one pictured above.)  On a whim I took a look at the “feeder mice” they keep for the snake owners and decided to purchase a beautiful little brown mouse (pictured below) along with my hamster.

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Brown colored house mouse on exercise wheel

I set her up in an old aquarium with a huge pile of bedding (they like to burrow and build nests). The mouse enjoyed exploring her new domain and loves her exercise wheel. But, whenever I come near she runs in terror to the nearest hiding spot. Silly mouse, I thought. I saved her from her fate as snake food, but instead of appreciating her salvation she runs in terror from “The Great Monster”. Every time, she is convinced that I am out to destroy her.

Then I thought how all too often I have lived like that little mouse.
I’ve been a Christian since I was a child, but so many times I’ve scurried away when God gets too close for comfort.
Just like that mouse, I was doomed by the “snake” that lured humanity into sin, but God sent his son Jesus to save us!
We don’t have to live in fear, we can live with the confidence that God who gave up his only Son wants only our best!

“If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?” Luke 11:13

Written by Jeff Staddon

Academically I hold a master's degree in software engineering with an undergraduate degree in history. I make my living as a software developer.

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