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The Tower of Babylon and the Out of Africa Hypothesis

Evolutionary Theory teaches that an older Homo Erectus lived in Africa for millions of years before experiencing near extinction around 50,000 years ago. Then these ten thousand or fewer individuals rapidly evolved into Homo Sapiens and spread from Africa to the farthest reaches of the earth. This is known as the Out of Africa Hypothesis. Excusing the millions of years, this model is based on genetic research. Because human progeny receive their mother’s mitochondrial DNA and the father’s Y chromosome (if male) both essentially without change (excepting for spurious mutations), it is possible to track genetic populations of entire people groups. Thus, scientists can reconstruct possible migration histories and within reason determine which people groups splintered from which people groups.

However, this secular model attempting to explain the data only dimly reflects the Biblical model of the Global Flood and dispersion at Babel. According to the Holy Scriptures, the entire human population was reduced to eight individuals who multiplied and was later dispersed by God’s scattering of the tongues (languages) of mankind. Furthur confirming the Biblical model, genetics has established that the entire modern human population is of three mitochondrial DNA strains and the entire male population is of one Y. This is what we should expect from the bottleneck of Noah’s Flood since there was only one Y chromosome present (Noah’s and his sons would be practically identical) and the three wives of Shem, Ham, and Japheth, account for the three strains of mitochondrial DNA.

The Biblical model is superior to the secular one in at least one regard. How is it possible that only one lucky guy, in the evolutionary scheme of things, out of the ten thousand or so individuals just so happened to become the father of the entire modern human race and likewise only three or so lucky girls became the mothers of the entire modern human race? In order for such a scenario to approach reasonableness the near extinction bottleneck would have to tighten to the biblical figures of the eight Survivors we read about in Genesis six through nine.

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The Out of Africa hypothesis is tantalizingly close to what the Bible declares though they teach that humanity was scattered from Africa rather than from Sumeria as the Bible teaches. Secular research has, once again, blindly armed the Creationists with yet another argument. However, we must remind ourselves that the truthfulness of the Bible does not depend on what the breadth of current human knowledge says concerning it. The story of the faithfulness of many follows the ‘rollercoaster’ of discoveries for and against the Bible. “The Heavens Declare the Glory of God” albeit humanity is oft too blind to perceive it. Truly, the evidence in our favor abounds; one just needs the right set of lenses to see it.

Always and In All Things, Let God Be Glorified.

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Written by Dante Duran

I love math, science and Christian Apologetics but even more the Eternal Infallible Word of the Living God. I am working towards my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from John Brown University. In my spare time, I debate evolutionists, Atheistic and Theistic, on Khan Academy by the pseudonym "Calculaeus."

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