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The Youthfulness of Mars

I did not think I would be following up so soon with another example of our (relatively) young solar system (approximately 6000 years) after posting an article on the youthfulness of Pluto last week. But the secular scientists are ever and always stumbling about in the dark over evidences of recent creation, devoid of understanding of the significance of the things they examine. What we are seeing at work here (see below regarding scientists speculations regarding the duration of subsurface water on Mars—) are built-in ASSUMPTIONS, PRESUPPOSITIONS, what I like to call PRE-LOGICAL PREMISES OF THOUGHT, that form the basis of their investigations.

The key issue, ever and always, is time. The basic assumption that millions or billions of years have elapsed is NEVER scrutinized or called into question. This is simply not permitted. There is a “VERBOTEN” sign implicitly posted over the threshold of every college and university laboratory and classroom door. It is solemnly and gravely regarded as a kind of heresy or blasphemy to even question this assumption, to say nothing of affirmatively challenging it.

Challenging the time assumption is enough to get oneself (at minimum) slandered by one’s academic and/or scientific colleagues as being “looney” or “stupid” or “in need of psychiatric help,” as atheist Richard Dawkins slanderously accused agnostic science journalist, Richard Milton. And going so far as to definitively repudiate it is enough to get oneself officially excommunicated (i.e., job termination) from the Church of Scientific Communion as happened to David Coppedge of NASA, and Mark Armitage (see HERE also), and Jerry Bergman. (By the way, Bergman has investigated and documented hundreds of cases of creationists in academia who have been fired, demoted, denied tenure, denied application for Ph.D. programs and such like because of their creationist beliefs or otherwise subjected to material persecution. Bergman maintains that these hundreds of cases he has investigated are merely the tip of the iceberg.)

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Evidences of the youthfulness of the earth, the planets, and the universe abound, but secular scientists are blind to the implications of these evidences because of their religious faith in Naturalism. If you keep your attention attuned to this, the examples are paraded before us continually. This time it is Mars. See this online CBS News article from August 28, 2015 illustrating this, and this related article from April 7, 2015, both by Michael Casey. The reader is urged to read both of these articles to get the full import of my comments below.

The subject is a large terraced crater on Mars, named Badger Crater, apparently revealing a large mass of subsurface water ice “measuring 130 feet thick and covering an area equivalent to that of California and Texas combined.” So, apparently there IS a lot of water (ice) to be found on Mars. That may be good news for future manned space flights to Mars. It would seem that such terraced craters may be the key feature to locate on Mars that would indicate areas of subsurface water ice.

Creation Club Badger Crater NASA image

Okay, very interesting. My interest is piqued.

Shane Byrne of the LPL (Lunar and Planetary Laboratory) of the University of Arizona noted that “terraced craters of this size are quite rare” on Mars.

“But Byrne said a key question is why the ice hasn’t disappeared.
“There have been a lot of climate changes between now and the tens of millions of years ago when we suspect the ice was put there. But it shouldn’t be stable today, and other past climates of ice instability in this region mean the ice should’ve sublimated away into the dry Martian atmosphere by now,” he said.
“So, that’s what we need to investigate,” he wondered. “What kept the ice around all this time? There’s no climate model that we have now that explains this.”–bold emph. supp.

See also this online scientific abstract regarding this in which the writers observe:

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“The accumulation and long-term preservation of this ice is a challenge for current Martian climate models.”

A “challenge” it is, indeed, but there is a TIME model that explains it: just shorten the time frame to 6000 years and (like Pluto’s atmosphere) you have an explanation of why all of this water ice is still there on Mars: there has not been enough time for it to sublimate away. There has been no “tens of millions of years” that have elapsed. “Tens of millions of years” is an article of FAITH.

Do not misunderstand me. I do not purport to know what myriads of processes have occurred on Mars over the last 6,000 years or how very different Mars may have been even 3000 years ago. For all I know Mars may have been the purple planet 4000 years ago instead of the red planet, or it may have indeed been completely covered by a global ocean that dissipated into space leaving only this large slab of water ice behind. What I do know beyond even the possibility of any doubt whatsoever is that the secular astronomers operate on the basis of unproven time ASSUMPTIONS. The a priori, faith-based assumption of the passage of immense spans of time elapsing has caused the illusion of many “anomalies,” both in biology and in astronomy, that are easily resolved if we simply assert that everything is 6000 years old or younger.

Ah, but that sounds too much like “faith” to the secular astronomers to consider. To whom I answer, “Get a mirror.”


My next article, “THE FRAUDS OF EVOLUTION,” will begin a new series. The frauds we will look at include the fraudulent claim of myriads of transitional fossils in the fossil record, the Piltdown Man hoax (including the identity of the perpetrator), the Nebraska Man hoax, the perpetration of academic propaganda by evolutionists, willful misrepresentation of fossil classification and specimen-naming by natural history museums, the supposed invariability of the speed of light, the fraudulent misrepresentation to the public regarding chemical kinetics (organic tissue decay) as it relates to the discovery of extant soft dinosaur tissue, the feathered dinosaur fraud, and OOPARTS–out of place artifacts in the geological and archaeological record.

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Written by Tom Shipley

I am a former atheist and was an evolutionist during my college days, but came to faith in Christ at the age of 20. I regard my pro-creation activities as part of the work of the kingdom of God. I believe that a very tough, strident and unapologetic stance against evolution is called for though I may soften my tone if and when Mark Armitage and David Coppedge, fired for their creationist beliefs, are given their jobs back. Articles copyright Tom Shipley. All Rights Reserved.

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