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Lure shaped like a fish with hooks underwater: ID 174844272 © Yann Poirier |

Bait and Switch: Equivocation

[Originally published as Logic Lessons: Equivocation] Fallacies of ambiguity are when words and phrases have more than one meaning, and those meanings are blurred or changed. One of the most common of these that I encounter is the Fallacy of Equivocation (almost identical…

May 29, 2020

Cloud formation at peak shortly before the rapid disintegration of the mushroom shape, and as column of water starts to fall. Photo credit: National Archives

The Fundamental Forces God Uses to Hold the Universe Together

“And God said, ‘Let there be light.’ And there was light.” If “And God says” in Genesis One is more than a metaphor, what is the message of the Creator found in the Fundamental Four Forces of Physics? Gravity and…

April 22, 2020

Debate graphic: Illustration 47468791 © Marynabolsunova -

Logical Fallacies: Proof by Assertion

[Originally published as Logic Lessons: Proof by Assertion] As usual, the more I examine logical fallacies, the more I see how people blend their fallacies into dreadful monstrosities. I have had many experiences where people will attack by asserting that…

April 14, 2020

Rainbow with dark clouds over the ocean: ID 113478365 © Hopsalka |

Rainbows and Rain Before the Flood

[Originally published as the 2nd half of No Rain?] After the global flood, God promised Noah that He would never again destroy the entire world by water (Genesis 9:11).  God used a rainbow as a sign of this promise (Genesis…

March 20, 2020

Our Complex Cosmos video still

Why We can Study the Cosmos

Did you know our universe is so orderly we have been able to predict discoveries well before finding them? And what does this reality tell us about Who created it? Enjoy this short video that makes sharing wonder and worship…

January 26, 2020

Man pointing his finger at the other guy: ID 130966660 © Fizkes |

Truth Doesn’t Depend on the Messenger: Ridicule & Motive

[Originally published as Appeal to Ridicule and Appeal to Motive] Appeal to Ridicule This logical fallacy is difficult to classify in some ways because of the huge potential for blending and overlapping with other fallacies (especially ad hominem). Appeal to Ridicule is…

January 25, 2020

Georgia Aquarium large tank submerged viewing area

How to Learn about Creation in the Real World

[Originally published as Math at the Aquarium] My husband and I recently visited the Georgia Aquarium, and I was struck by how much math is used in caring for and describing the characteristics of sea creatures. Below are a couple…

January 9, 2020

Atom graphic with spherical depictions in the background, photo credit: Pixabay

Education to Question, and, Light from a Single Atom

[Originally published as No, It’s Not a Picture of an Atom] When I wrote the first edition of my high school chemistry textbook (back in 1994), I discussed the impossibility of seeing atoms. Atoms aren’t just small; they are simply…

December 30, 2019

Originality Universe

The figure illustrates snowflakes in the universe. It is common knowledge that all snowflakes are originals. What is not well known is what the figure may cause us to wonder: whether or not all the other objects in the universe…

December 4, 2019 /

Light rays underwater: ID 74682093 © Rostislav Zatonskiy |

Lightwaves, Math & God

Note: This is a continuation of a series of guest posts on Math, Waves, and the Creator by Dr. Adam F. Hannon. This particular one would be great to have middle school and high school students read in order to…

November 15, 2019