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Why Do We Have The Week?

By David Rives

In Exodus chapter 20, we’re informed that,

In six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day.

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If we take the Bible at its word, as literal truth, then God decided to stretch the creation of the Universe over a six-day span. As the all-powerful Creator, He could have finished it in an instant… but he didn’t.

As the God of Israel, he doesn’t need sleep, so He could have easily chosen not to rest the next day… but he did.

Why make the entire creation event exactly seven days?

He was setting up the weekly cycle!

Think about it: Where do we get the week from?

It’s obvious that the month is roughly calculated by the time it takes the moon to go through a complete cycle.

Also very evident is the year, calculated as the approximate time it takes for the sun to return to the same point of the sky, giving us each season.

But the week?

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From the creation, this seven-day cycle has been preserved to the present, despite several attempts to alter the pattern.

If we believe the Bible, it makes sense that it was a specially instituted cycle in the beginning. But if there is no god, then why do we have the week?

I’m David Rives…
Truly, The Heavens Declare the Glory of God.

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Written by David Rives

With a unique combination of creation science and Biblical astronomy, David has built a solid case for our Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ–and the world is taking notice. Host of the weekly TV show "Creation in the 21st Century" on TBN, and author of the book "Wonders Without Number".

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  1. I don’t take the entire Bible literally – and from looking at Psalms it’s obvious that it wasn’t all written to be taken literal. We all need to remember that at the time the Bible was written the word for “day” did not mean day as we think of it now. It meant “a period of time.” But wouldn’t it read harder and less poetic if they wrote “God created the world in 6 periods of time.”?! To me it doesn’t matter much. God could have used the Big Bang – or not. He could have use a system of development like evolution … or not. Those things are just theories at the present time and it irks me that they tend to teach those theories as fact. The truth is that we don’t know for sure how God created everything. And we don’t need to. Science is great but God is much greater.

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