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A Hummingbird Poem – by Mark Crouch

A hummingbird stopped by my windowpane

So close that I could look him in the eyes.

He disappeared, then came big drops of rain,

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The flower on the deck had been his prize.

For just that moment eyes met locked as one,

Each, part of life, this giant mystery.

As he inched closer fear of me ’twas none,

It was as if he spoke though silently.

He cocked his head while held fast in my gaze,

The clouds that loomed that moment disappeared.

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The colors on his body seemed ablaze,

That instant on my mind forever seared.

A hummingbird stopped by my windowpane,

That August Saturday before the rain.


Mark C. Crouch 8/24/14

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Written by Mark Crouch

Coming from three generations of forebears who felt called to missionary work, Mark Crouch began to pursue studies in the Bible in his 30's. It wasn't until his mid 40's that he suddenly began to write poetry, culminating in several books of poetry including "God's Book of Dreams" and "Bible Time Rhymes". Loving the outdoors from infancy, he took every opportunity afforded him to observe and study God's animal and bird world.

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