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O The Squirrels – Poem by Mark Crouch

O the Squirrels they’ve come

Such a large hungry bunch

And they don’t seem to know that it’s

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Way before lunch.

Every one’s set about

Eating all that’s in sight

Must have worked up a powerful hunger

Last night.

So they’ll battle the Coons

And the birds, and the Crows

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And they’ll battle each other

Or ‘least I suppose.

And they’ll battle the Chipmunks

Who nip at their heels

It’s the sunflower seeds

They like best for their meals.

Then the Rabbits must see

What the fuss is about

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While the Blue jays in their own way

Babble and shout.

And a Wren even pecks

At the old Squirrel’s head

For coming around

Messing up her warm bed.

And I had to chase off

The old neighborhood cat

Before the old Coon and she

Had a big spat.

But that’s just how it is

On a Saturday ‘morn

When the Squirrels eat sunflower seeds

Mixed with corn.

It’s a Saturday feast

That comes ’round once a week

When to animal’s lives

God gives me just a peek.

Written 6/7/14

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Written by Mark Crouch

Coming from three generations of forebears who felt called to missionary work, Mark Crouch began to pursue studies in the Bible in his 30's. It wasn't until his mid 40's that he suddenly began to write poetry, culminating in several books of poetry including "God's Book of Dreams" and "Bible Time Rhymes". Loving the outdoors from infancy, he took every opportunity afforded him to observe and study God's animal and bird world.

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