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Creation: Figurative Commandments? Promises? Narrative?

How much clearer could God have been if he wanted us to understand he meant real lengths of time?

Opinions on origins of the world are not vague, they expose where we find our authority.

[Editor’s note: Old Earth proponents will claim there is one radiometric sample that has accurately dated a known age lava flow, that of Vesuvius in 79 AD. If someone uses this to pop the claim made in this video, you will be interested to know what Dr. Jake Hebert has to say about it:

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Uniformitarians have made much of the fact that the Ar/Ar method was used to apparently successfully date the AD 79 eruption of Mt. Vesuvius (Dalrymple 2000; Renne et al. 1997). However, this claim has been critiqued in the creation literature, and a case can be made that this 40Ar/39Ar age assignment was actually 72% higher than the true age (Overman 2010).

And the original Overman article can be read here: Evaluation of the Ar/Ar dating process. Creation Research Society Quarterly 47, no. 1:23–30.”

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