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Lost To Man: A Poem of Creation

Rainforest in the mountain mist

Lost To Man

I was stuck in a dream

As if suspended

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While the air left me quickly

And plunged me back to the Beginning–

And what a beginning!

Galaxies furled and unfurled

As stars came into


The moon and planets

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Absorbing the darkness

Till I could see God standing beside me.

The Ancient of Days smiled,

For He’d recently made Time,

And I laughed at the way

That the earth felt

Beneath my fingertips:

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Like water and dirt

And grass and fur–fur?

My head dipped inside the earth’s


And my eyes sparkled upon seeing them:

The sheep and oxen,

Grazing in peace,

And the lion cubs

Cuddling beside them.

I saw fruit trees, and trees

Of life and death which drew my awe–

Till I remembered what would happen

(Had happened)


Soft footsteps fell on fertile soil

And a graceful felon emerged,

Softly sliding atop leaves

With eyes shining in malice

And scales as slippery as sin,

Foreshadowing man’s easy fall

Into the curse that rent our world.

I closed my eyes,

Which were set again on a broken visage,

Until I opened them in a fallen world,

a Paradise lost,

And I wished for the place

Long lost to man.

But as I read Revelation,

I saw a higher truth still:

Paradise isn’t lost forever–

The Image will be whole again

And paradise? It will regained better than before

For the Restorer will usher in an age

That was once thought forever

Lost to man.

Pamela Collazos portrait 2020

Written by Pamela Collazos

Pamela Collazos is a Christian writer who believes all that the Bible says, no matter how miraculous, because a God who isn't a Miracle Worker is no god. She is a professional writing graduate who has used her skills to help others with their own stories. She loves many random things, from pondering abstract mathematics and deep biblical discussions to drinking hot chocolate by a campfire and overstaying her welcome at cafes to write one more sentence. If you want to read more of her work, visit her at
The God Blog

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  1. Beautiful and insightful poem! Yes one day God will restore everything. That is a blessed hope for all who trust Him and His Word.

  2. Superb verses on the creation/redemption story! I’m so glad to see them posted here in The Creation Club. Truly, as we are sub-creators made in the image and likeness of the One True Creator, you have tapped into that creative ability and used it in the best possible way… to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, creator of all things! I look forward to diving into your blogs. Psalm 30:12 “to the end that my glory may sing praise to thee, and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever.” William

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