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Fact and Theory

Today, many people reference the Big Bang theory as fact. Many just accept it as fact because of their peer’s belief in it.

However, just a few examples of widely believed theories that were superseded by newer theories make it plain as the saying goes: “Wishing don’t make it so.”

The long-held theory of the flat earth was of course replaced with that of a spherical earth when empirical scientific data was presented.

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The Miasma theory was the idea that the Black Death was caused by poisonous air. Naturally, when the evidence pointed away from the Miasma theory, it was replaced with the germ theory of today. It is interesting to note that the transition to the germ theory was a difficult one for most, regardless of how improbable the previous theories were.

The steady-state theory indicated that although the universe is expanding, matter is constantly produced from nowhere, making the cosmos always appear full. It has been mostly disregarded in favor of another theory with almost as many problems…. The Big Bang theory.

The scientific method involves the foundation of a hypothesis and testing of ideas and conjecture. Empirical data—that which can be demonstrated—is crucial, and the observations made indicate the plausibility of a theory. It helps us discover the problems or strengths of a hypothesis through experimentation.

Today many would tell us that the biblical account of creation, as recorded by Moses, is only a theory—a hypothesis. They would tell us that no one was around to witness the event. Those of us who believe the Bible would not agree. The book of John tells us that Yeshua, Jesus Christ, was the Creator. Questioning the leaders of his day, Jesus asked:

…had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me: for he wrote of me. But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?

Yes, it was Jesus who created all things in six days. His words as recorded in Scripture make it plain that at the beginning he made them male and female. If we believe the Bible, then we have a historical account that is based on the words of the Creator Himself.

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.

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Written by David Rives

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