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Creatively Created to Create

This is an interactive article. Before you read any further, go grab a piece of paper or two. It doesn’t matter if the paper has anything on it (blank is ever-so-slightly preferable), as long as it isn’t an important historical document or your grandmother’s will. Now, go get that piece of paper…

You better not be reading this sentence unless you have a piece of paper right next to you, sitting and ready to be used! Now, I assume you now have those objects and are ready to continue with the activity.

It’s a simple activity. One even Darwin could do. Make a paper airplane. That’s all I ask. If you don’t know how to properly make a paper airplane, you have two choices: (1) You could Google instructions on how to make a paper airplane, or (2) you could just make it up! Somehow, just make some type of paper airplane. It doesn’t need to be fancy or clever or artistic.

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I hope that at the point of reading this sentence, the paper airplane is completed. Sit back and take a good hard look as this simple majestic piece of paper, folded and creased in different ways to resemble an airplane.
When you made those simple folds, you actually proved evolution wrong and demonstrated advanced intelligence. A startling claim, one that may baffle you, but it is true. Think about it… Your brain told your arms to move so that your hands could move all while your fingers moved too. You also preformed logic by folding and creasing the paper, certain ways, to shape the paper into an airplane form. You probably learned how to make a paper airplane from a person, book, or the Internet. Even if you just made it up, you used images of real planes or images of paper airplanes that were stored in your mind. You created this paper airplane. The database of all your knowledge learned, your memory, was used in the simple process of folding a piece of paper to look like a plane.

This activity showed the one thing that sets us apart from all others: creativity and the ability to create. If you handed a piece of paper to a monkey, and let it have access to tons of other pieces of paper, you could wait for a couple years, and all you would end up with is tons of crumbled, ripped, and possibly urinated on, pieces of paper. Even if you made an example paper airplane next to the monkey. You wouldn’t get anything remotely similar to a paper airplane, yet alone anything created on purpose. You can give an elephant paint, a paint brush, and a canvas to paint on, but he’s not going to come up with anything even as good as your family portrait you made in kindergarten. Animals don’t have creativity! Even animals who do actually naturally create things, don’t do it with creativity in mind. They create those things to live in, protect their young, or to catch food. When was the last time you visited a beaver’s lodge that had a nice beige wall color and grass-carpet, with a picture of the beaver-version of the Mono Lisa?!

Animals and all life (excluding humans) don’t have creativity. But we know that human’s have creativity and can create marvelous things. Think of the creativity and intelligence it took to create this article. The question is: How does creativity evolve? Somehow, creativity would have just popped into humans, and then they could create things creatively. Evolutionists tell us cavemen and Neanderthals didn’t posses true creativity, but they could create basic things. I mean—the wheel was a great big challenge for those guys! Over on the Creationist side of things, the wheel took little time to be invented since in Genesis Chapter 4, verse 19 through 22, tools were first mention as being created by Cain’s descendants, and we can logically place the wheel among those tools.

Between Adam and Lamech’s son Tubal-Cain, who invented those tools, there is eight generations. Since the ages are unknown at how old they were and when they had the next generation members, we can’t say how long from the beginning of earth that these tools were made. But it’s not cavemen doing it! I just can’t wrap my mind around how creativity could have not been present in so many forms of life, then it just pops up as humans evolve. It’s similar to logic. It’s one of those things that just has to be there all around us, but something we can’t ever see or show physical proof of. I can see plenty of examples of creativity in the natural world (intelligent design), although no examples of animals doing anything creative.

I can look out my window and see many houses, some with more creative touches than others. Even a team of monkeys couldn’t build a house like my mine or any other’s. They couldn’t even build an old-fashioned Western outhouse. They lack the intelligence and the ability to use things for something other than their natural purpose. Beavers don’t cut the trees into 2 by 4’s and nail together a beautiful house with beige walls! In order to create creativity in humans, ‘nature’ would have to be creative, but how’d nature get it? From the Big Bang?

Humans are creatively created to create things. It’s something God has given us to set us apart from all other life forms and to give us the ability to show others that we are not products of evolution. Sometimes, like in evolution’s case, creativity is misused and added with a little stupidity to come up with a ridicules theory.
Remember the paper airplane? Only man can come up with that and create it. A human’s mind is filled with creativity, where the mind of an animal is simply, “Eat, drink, reproduce, breathe, eliminate waste, live…” Monkey’s have those same thoughts. Maybe cavemen think that way too, but we haven’t actually found any fossils or even the real thing (The monkey’s are still around, so why aren’t the cavemen?) to have any clue about that.

How can you look at the Great Pyramid of Giza and say that the early men who build it were basically talking monkeys with a bigger brain —especially when evolution claims that Africans are lesser evolved then Europeans and Asians. That’s creativity in action, more fascinating than many modern wonders now. Aren’t you glad God gave us the awesome gift of creativity?

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What a creative God who deserves our respect, obedience, and trust!

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Written by Christ Follower

This gentleman loves Jesus so much he is working on his biblical scholarship degree, which has meant stepping out of the active creation science community. He has asked for his real name to be removed from here because, although he continues to trust God on creation, he feels he's grown so much as a writer since these articles were written!

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