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Folding up the Case for the Flood

I crossed oceans and continents this Summer to experience Israel and to hear, smell, and see the sites where God’s plan of redemption unfolded! As I traveled deep into the depths of the Negev, with its squelching heat, I passed rich rolling, coral sandstone hills, radiating under the sun, and camels walking to and fro all in the presence of evidence for what is recorded in the book of Genesis.  I noticed upon the side of the road an amazing geologic structure. There stood before me in the mountainside, folded strata. Folded strata are like the layers of cake, which has been uplifted and bent, but these layers are hardened rock. This phenomenon fits splendidly with Flood geology. As the Flood deposited layer upon layer of sediment, it was soft, because of water and heat. The sediments would be like play-dough and could be molded quite easily.

Psalm 104:8 says, “They go up by the mountains; they go down by the valleys unto the place which thou hast founded for them.”

Though the layers were soft, what was the force that bent these layers? The mountains rose and the valleys sank at the end of the Flood, because of the powerful impact of plate tectonics. The earth is covered with around fifteen plates. When these plates impact one another they cause earthquakes and mountains. These powerful plates and earth’s internal heat would create these folds in the rocks, through lifting and shifting processes. At the end of the Flood, the layers were still soft and these tectonic forces would produce the marvelous folds seen today in the strata.

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Evolutionist’s cannot explain such formations. They state the strata were laid down millions of years ago and that there was millions of years of time between the deposition and folding of the layers. However, the problem with such a theory is that the rock would harden after such a long period of time and folding would cause tremendous strain and cracks in the rocks, which are not observed. To explain away such data, evolutionary geologists state the rock was heated after its deposition and with enough heat was folded beneath the earth’s surface. The difficulty with such a proposition is there is absolutely no evidence of metamorphism in the rocks (chemical changes in the rock caused by heating). Therefore, this folding formation could only be formed by soft sedimentary strata caused by tectonic forces soon after the Flood deposited these layers!

Deep in the Negev desert, in the land of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus, is another evidence of a rapid and powerful event, which caused such indescribable rock formations. Many a time, we only know of the geological formations in the United States, but this formation, in a country half-way across the world, displays the universal nature of the punishment of God upon the Earth. The beauty of nature allows us to glorify the Lord and trust that the Lord uses destructive events, such as the Flood, to produce splendor and create a land flowing with the milk and honey of God’s Grace!

Psalm 145:5, “I will speak of the glorious honour of thy majesty, and of thy wondrous works.

Snelling, Andrew A., (2009, April 1), Rock Layers Folded, Not Fractures. Answers Magazine, 4(2), 80-83


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Written by George Maxwell

A science student, who loves to share about the Divine truth of God's grand design and the Flood.

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