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Gecko Feet Don’t Display Evolution

Certain types of geckos have millions of tiny pads on the bottom of their feet which allows them to walk effortlessly on vertical surfaces – even glass!

A few years ago, a startling discovery was made within the scientific community. In Myanmar, a gecko’s foot was found encased and preserved in a piece of amber. The labs studying these remains gave them an approximate date of 100 million years old.

Here’s where it gets interesting: the gecko foot was virtually identical to what we see in modern day geckos. Let’s put that into perspective. According to evolutionists, the vast majority of mammals all evolved within the last 250 million years. That’s every variety of mammal seen on Earth, from the bat to the giraffe.

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That means that, according to Darwinian evolutionists, a supposed 250 million year period of evolution brought us all the variety we see in mammals today… Yet a supposed 100 million years ago, the gecko’s foot was just as incredibly complex as we see today. Not ONE BIT of upwards evolution.

Something is very wrong with this picture. What do YOU think is the solution?

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