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Our Created Moon – Interview with Dr. Don DeYoung

In this episode of the Creation Astronomy Now Podcast, Vinnie & Joe interview Dr. Don B. DeYoung to talk about the moon. Topics covered include the purpose of the moon, evidence of a young moon, and the science behind lunar eclipses.

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Creation Astronomy Now Podcast – Episode #27
The Creation Astronomy Now Podcast is a semi-monthly podcast from Creation Astronomy Now; an unregistered non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the truth of God’s design in the universe, as well as giving creation astronomers a better alternative to the evolutionary astronomical news and updates proved by the world. Outreach efforts include an up-to-date news website with observing updates, a semi-monthly astronomy podcast, and a weekly e-newsletter.

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Dr. Donald B. DeYoung is an avid creation scientist and educator specializing in astronomy and physics. He chairs the Department of Science and Mathematics at Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana. Don has taught at Grace College since 1972. Sabbatical travels have taken him to San Diego, Europe and the South Pacific.
In his local church Don is a Sunday-school teacher, elder and small-group leader. He is married to Sally; they have three married daughters.
Dr. DeYoung has written seventeen books and many articles on creation topics. The books cover topics in Bible-sciences including several books aimed towards children.

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Written by Vinnie Harned

Vinnie Harned is a teenage homeschooled student with a love for science, technology, and astronomy. He also runs the YouTube channel "Homeschooled Nerd" as well as the podcasts 'The Homeschooled Nerdcast', 'Creation Astronomy Now', and his own podcast and blog for content creators 'Still Not Famous' at

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  1. This was very interesting! You asked good questions and I found it very enlightening! I believe that the Lord created everything too, and its good to know that people are finally speaking up—- especially with scientific proof! God Bless, and thanks!

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