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Problems For Old Earth Beliefs

Everyone has the same evidence to look at but our beliefs bias how we interpret the facts.

Modern old-earth dating methods are based on the denial of the global flood (2 Peter 3: 5-6) due to the belief that the sedimentary layers, which make up the crust of the earth, formed slowly rather than as a result of the global flood judgment of man’s sin. Since these layers are full of dead things (flood victims), such old-earth beliefs place death before man’s sin. This in turn corrupts the accounts of original sin, the resulting separation from our Creator, the entering of death into God’s perfect creation, and why Jesus needed to die on the cross (to redeem us with our Creator).

The radiometric techniques are based on multiple wild guesses (assumptions). If any of the guesses are wrong, and the odds are that all are in error, it will throw the results off by millions or billions of years. For instance: they assume the daughter material being measured was not present when the rock first formed; they also assume that the rock was never contaminated with either the parent or daughter material; and they must “assume” that the rate of decay has always been the same. Each wild guess is highly suspect at best.

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The reason published dates “appear” to fit the same range is because they “select” the published dates from the geologic time scale–their belief on the age of the earth. All “bad dates” are ignored—those being the dates that didn’t fit the geologic time scale.

With regard to Carbon Dating, most scientists agree C-14 should be gone in measurable amounts in about 70,000-95,000 years. Yet recent studies show that all fossil-bearing layers (580 million years old per the geologic time scale) still contain C-14—and in the same range of amounts from the top to the bottom layers! This proves the layers are only a few thousand years old and that they formed during the same event—the global flood. This in turn destroys the geologic time scale and all old-earth beliefs based upon it.

Though man people use Big Bang based cosmologies to calculate the age of the universe, we are now on our fourth BB of the past 80 years. Each has been taught as being factual long after being scientifically refuted, as is the current one. A letter signed by dozens of scientists appeared in New Scientist (Bucking the Big Bang, 182 (2448) 20, May 22, 2004). It included statements such as:

The big bang theory can boast no predictions that have been validated by observation. Claimed Successes consist of retrospectively making observations fit by adding adjustable parameters. The big bang relies on a growing number of never observed entities—inflation, dark matter, dark energy…and can’t survive without these fudge factors… In no other field of physics would this continual recourse to new hypothetical factors be accepted. (Colossians 2:8).

Again, we all have the same evidence to look at but our beliefs bias how we interpret the facts. I show folks that God’s Word fits the scientific facts perfectly when the evidences are interpreted through the Biblical worldview.
Among other essential issues, I cover the overwhelming evidences of the global flood, including stalactites/stalagmites, strata layers, continental drift, mountain ranges, geologic compression events, the six-day formation of Grand Canyon, the ice caps and much more in our DVDs and on our website.

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Written by Russ Miller

A former Theistic Evolutionist, Russ now ministers to Christians and non-Christians alike, stating: “I am not attacking anyone who has been misled into believing in Darwinism, Theistic Evolution or Progressive Creation. I am here to help them, just as someone helped me.” At Creation, Evolution, and Science Ministries (CESM), our mission is to confirm Biblical Truth and expose misinterpretations of God’s creation in order to exalt Jesus Christ as our Creator, Judge and redeeming Savior.

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