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Paradigm shifts

WEBbkgrn.x2.775aThe beliefs of Earth’s place in the cosmos went through several paradigm shifts. At first, Earth was thought to be the center of the universe. In the 1500s that geocentric concept was replaced by the heliocentric universe. The Earth rotated about the sun, not vice versa. A further paradigm shift developed when advancements in telescopes permitted the finding that the sun is an ordinary star near the edge of an ordinary galaxy that is near the edge of an ordinary group of galaxies. Earth’s place in the cosmos apparently is not exceptional compared to other star systems. Yet, as far as is known, Earth has the only biosphere.

For 2,000 years, the belief about life was what was described by Anaximander. The Earth began without life, then the goddess, Gaea, caused life to spontaneously begin and to advance to a peak with human beings. Subsequently, life deteriorated to no life, then the cycle repeated itself. The first paradigm shift was the finding by Francesco Redi in 1668 that the flies on the meat were laying eggs. The maggots hatched from the eggs, not from Gaea’s vitalism in the meat. Further, the fly that hatched from the pupa was the same kind of fly that laid the eggs. There was no evolution from a terrestrial life form, the maggot, to a flying life form, the fly. It was merely fly reproduction in stages by metamorphosis. The many controlled metamorphosis experiments convinced scientists, but not those engaged in commerce.

Large fortunes were made with the slave trade and by taking raw materials from primitive societies, then selling the manufactured goods back to them. The slaves and the colonies that resisted had to be suppressed militarily by the young men given indoctrination in the white man’s burden of governing the less evolved colonists. The millions made in colonial commerce prevailed over science and the next paradigm shift was back to the evolution of Anaximander. The slaves and primitive people needed the subjugation by the industrialized nations to help them advance to a fully human condition. That was what evolution taught and the world was told this was science, not the superstitious prelude to science proven by Dr. Redi.

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The despots of the twentieth century furthered the shift to Anaximander by their ambitions to conquer the world. Not only the primitive colonists but also others called, defectives, like the handicapped and Jews and Gypsies, in the highly industrialized countries had to be eliminated in order to ethically cleanse populations for aryan supremacy. The defeat of the despots caused evolution to persist because the space age was ushered in as they desperately tried to survive the war they had started, World War II. The millions from colonial commerce and the billions to try to conquer the world were dwarfed by the hundreds of billions to militarily control space and to superstitiously search for extraterrestrial life based on the proven superstition, evolution. Anaximander’s evolution superstition still reins supreme as science in America and the other highly industrialized nations of the 21st century. What a pitiful history for the superstitious end of Anaximander’s peak of biological development, human beings. Contrary to evolutionists’ beliefs, humanity is forecast to be extinct in 65 years because the law of the universe is devolution, not evolution. From the inexorable increase of genetic disorders, the forecasts for human extinction became evident.

Finally, the ultimate paradigm seems to be universal originality. It does not matter where humanity is in the cosmos. The eternal superstition, evolution, of the biosphere merited being ignored, not being basely used for millennia. The originality fact, however, cannot be ignored if the 65 remaining years for humanity are to be worth living. The stupidity of warfare needs to be eliminated permanently. A moratorium needs to be declared on all ethical incompetence. What is left of humanity’s endowment needs preservation. In our last days before extinction, estimated from ever increasing genetic disorders at 2080, what is left of the human genome and the original biosphere need careful repair to eliminate unnecessary suffering. That would seem a fitting reformed ending for a life form that should have known better, but nonetheless expended its energies for infantile objectives for millennia. Universal originality proclaims with scientific certainty that the universe was created. Our role was to live and to care for each other, not to demand conveniences like infants. If each of us would have enhanced the biosphere, then we would have done humanity, the biosphere, and the planet a service instead of damage. It is the ultimate tragic paradigm shift that as a life form humanity was so stubbornly stupid for so many millennia.


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Written by Joseph Mastropaolo

Joseph A. Mastropaolo has a B.S., M.S., Ph.D. in kinesiology and a three-year Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship with the National Heart Institute of the National Institutes of Health in human physiology. He taught biomechanics and physiology at California State University, Long Beach for 26 years, has received many grants, awards, and prestigious positions in aerospace physiology and engineering. He is the author of the book Maestro Universe.

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