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Secular Scientists – CAN Podcast #20

Vinnie and Joe talk about secular scientists. Do they even exist?
We’re going to the Creation Museum next week! We’ll be there on the 15th through the 16th. You can recognize us because we’ll be wearing Creation Astronomy Now shirts. Hope to see you there!

Uranus article: http://creationastronomynow­.com/uranus-a-unique-twist/
Vinnie’s YouTube channel:

Creation Astronomy Now Podcast Episode #20

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The Creation Astronomy Now Podcast is a semi-monthly podcast from CreationAstronomyNow­.com. Creation Astronomy Now is a unregistered non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the truth of intelligent design in the universe, as well as giving creation astronomers a better alternative to the evolutionary astronomical News and updates proved by the world. Outreach efforts include an up-to-date News Site with observing updates, a semi-monthly astronomy podcast, and a weekly enewsletter.

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Written by Vinnie Harned

Vinnie Harned is a teenage homeschooled student with a love for science, technology, and astronomy. He also runs the YouTube channel "Homeschooled Nerd" as well as the podcasts 'The Homeschooled Nerdcast', 'Creation Astronomy Now', and his own podcast and blog for content creators 'Still Not Famous' at

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