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The First Law of Thermodynamics

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I was 25 years old when I read Dr Henry Morris’s book “The Biblical Basis for Modern Science.” There I read about the First Law of Thermodynamics which states that matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed. Morris stated that it is one of the great laws of science proving creation.

My first thought was how can that be? It sounds like the dumbest thing I ever heard. With my hillbilly brain I thought if I put a stick of dynamite in a Volkswagen Beetle I would destroy it, and we see people create things all the time like cars and houses. I could not see how that could ever be evidence for creation.

Years later I returned to this subject and discovered what this law really means. I realized that the first law really showcases God’s amazing power, and it’s a shame so few people know about it.

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I shall borrow a few words from the late great Michael Faraday in one of his amazing lectures on “The Forces of Matter,”

Here it is we are born and bred and live and yet we view things with an almost entire absence of wonder to ourselves respecting the way in which it all happens. So small, indeed is our wonder,  that we are never taken by surprise…

Faraday said this before the illusory fairy tale called the “Big Bang.”

This article discredits the big bang so therefore all false religions fall as well.  Evolution is the foundation for all the cults and most false religions. Christianity is not a religion, Christianity is about Jesus Christ and he is no religion.

The first law amazed me so much it caused goose bumps to grow on my goose bumps. Because of this many of the science demonstrations I do are focused on the first law of thermodynamics as well as Newton’s three laws of motion.

If you have taken chemistry or physics you have learned something about the Periodic Table of the Elements; some scientists call it the “Chemist’s Cheat Sheet.” If you have taken science you know that an atom is the smallest part of an element so you are essentially studying atoms. You also learned that elements make up all the matter in the universe.

The first law of thermodynamics can be applied to and compliment Newton’s three laws of motion, the inverse square law, the second law of thermodynamics, the Faraday Lenz Law, and the law of entropy.

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Let’s take a closer look at the first law of thermodynamics

If I take a 10 lb log and I throw it into a fire, burning it to where it seems to be completely gone, I have only altered the state of that log. I did not destroy the atoms that make up that log. That log only seemed to disappear because I altered its state by turning it into soot, steam and ash. The atoms that made up that log are still there.

If I could capture all the soot, steam and ash and weigh it again, it would weigh 10 pounds. That is the first part of the law. Now for the second part of the law: nothing can be created. In other words, to create something you have to use preexisting material; you cannot create from non-existing material. This is why the “Big Bang” violates the law.

In my geology class we learn that atoms are elements that make minerals, and minerals make rocks. I teach that the fun elements of the periodic table are the alkali metals on the very left side of the periodic table of elements. Things like Lithium, Sodium, and Potassium are the reactive elements and they are fun because they want to give up an electron badly. This causes them to react aggressively with oxygen and water.

I use these reactive elements to help students understand dating methods of rocks. I take a measure of sodium hydroxide (drain cleaner) and mix it with magnesium powder, put it in a crucible, light it with a match and immediately put a lid on it. The heat from the magnesium creates a chemical reaction isolating the sodium by breaking the bonds with oxygen and hydrogen. Like magic I have sodium.

Did I create sodium from thin air?

No, because the first law of thermodynamics tells us I can only use existing material. And this can be scientifically proven.

Natural Evolution teaches that you can get matter from nothing thus violating the laws of nature. Out here at Hanford, during the Second World War, they made plutonium—but they used preexisting elements.

So, here is the million dollar question: how did the elements get here?

Remember all matter is made up of basic elements. Science does not have the capability to answer this question, it is only a tool to observe the present, and in the present all matter already exists. So we are forced to look elsewhere for answers. We are talking about the miraculous here.

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The only satisfying answer is that God created them, because to violate the first law you would have to be outside of space and time, and not a part of the creation to create the elements. The Creator is greater than his creation, not affected by his creation. A characteristic of the New Age movement is the belief that God is part of nature (called Pantheism). Evolution helps gives this belief a foundation.

Let’s take a look at time, space, energy, information and matter

Like a person trying to legalize theft there seems to be an increasing number of physicists today who are trying to challenge and break the law—the first law of thermodynamics—by trying to create free energy. Free energy is getting more energy then what you put into it.

One of the science demos I do is called a Gauss Gun. I take an aluminum rail about 4 feet long and put 3 neodymium N50 magnets on it. These are the most powerful magnets in the world! Then I attach three 1in steel balls to each magnet. Adding more magnets does not increase the speed of the ball, it only sustains it. Increasing the speed would violate the first and second laws of thermodynamics, Newton’s 2nd and third laws of motion [F=MxA] and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Do you see how all the laws work together? Evolutionary thinking does not have to ability to honor these laws because it works on a false assumption that time is the hero of the plot. In reality, time is our enemy for with time we all wear out and die. Time disorganizes and, in time, information becomes more random not more complex.

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Written by Mark Finkbeiner

Explorer, field trip guide, and creation science speaker. I've been studying science for over 25 years and teaching creation science for 16 years specializing in geology and electrical engineering. Founded the Tri-Cities Creation Science Club and has had a creation Science TV program for three years.

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