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Stepping Mile-High

“ . . . Eight, nine, ten” our group chanted as we climbed the grand stone steps, voices ringing loud and clear in the early evening air.   “ . . . Eleven, twelve, thirteen!” We stood all together and posed…

November 11, 2016

Grand Canyon

Math, Assumptions, Dating Methods, and the Grand Canyon – Katherine Loop

On a recent trip to the Grand Canyon, I was reminded of how misunderstood dating methods have become. We hear dates quoted as fact so often that they’re held up as mathematical fact. Few understand that the answer to a…

November 7, 2016

Fractal Branching

Fractal Geometry and Trees – Katherine Loop

Photo credit: Ignacio Sanz via Visual hunt / CC BY-SA Look closely at the picture of a tree’s branches. Notice how a pattern continues to repeat itself. The large branches break off into smaller ones that divide into smaller ones…

September 29, 2016

What is NOTHING? Part 2 of 3: Temperature – Dr. Jack L. Burton

Series Overview The complete title of this article series is: ‘What is NOTHING? – Texture, Temperature, & Time’. In this series we examine each of these three principles as they relate to the concept of absolute nothingness in three (3)…

September 27, 2016


Math, Surface Area, and Birds – Katherine Loop

Have you ever stopped and watched an eagle soar overhead? Or how about a tiny hummingbird, whose wings are beating so fast it’s almost dizzying? Each of these birds is designed so perfectly for what it does—and math can give…

September 7, 2016

Math, Lightning, and Thunder – Katherine Loop

Summer thunderstorms can be intense. The rain, coupled with lightning and thunder, is an awesome reminder of God’s might and power. The Bible reminds us that it’s God who makes the lightning and brings forth the wind. “When he utters…

July 25, 2016


The Heart, Math, and Science – Katherine Loop

An adult’s heart beats an average of 60 to 100 times per minute when at rest [National Institute of Health, quoted by the American Heart Association]. Let’s take the low end of that and use 60 beats per minute. That…

June 27, 2016

The Tetrahedron: A Record of God and Creation – Dr. Jack L. Burton

Overview In geometry a tetrahedron is defined as a solid contained by four plane faces. It is also referred to as a triangular pyramid. All of the faces of a tetrahedron are triangles. In this article we are going to…

June 23, 2016

On π, ∞, and the ‘Impossible’ Nature of the Circle – Dr. Jack L. Burton

Overview The circle is such a common shape that we rarely give it any significant thought. The undeniable truth is, however, that no matter how hard we try it is utterly impossible to either find a perfect circle in nature,…

May 16, 2016

Color, Light, and Math

Color, Light, and Math – Katherine Loop

As I walked through a garden the other day, I was awestruck by the myriad of colors all around me. The light filtering through the translucent leafs and petals caused each leaf and petal to appear to be hundreds, if…

May 15, 2016