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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Hummingbirds

The tiny hummingbird has a two-step lung system that allows it to utilize all of the oxygen it breathes. This efficient design might not be necessary for life, but for a bird who is flapping its wings at up to 80 times a second, it certainly is a helpful feature!

The hummingbird can fly through trees or between branches at incredible speeds, but its eyes are on the sides of its head. How can it maintain the aeronautical ability that allows it to fly with such precision while not flying into a tree limb either in front or beside it?

Our eyes have one fovea, which allows us to focus in on one area while our peripheral vision is blurry. Not so for hummingbirds. They have two foveae which allows them to see in-focus straight ahead and side to side simultaneously!

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And the 3rd astounding fact about hummingbirds that you probably didn’t know, is that their feathers grow in as matched pairs, making sure they have an equal number on each side of their body.

10 primary feathers on each wing, and 10 tail feathers. It’s pretty important for a hovering hummingbird to have equal lift, and indeed, this need is provided for.

Chance? Or design by a loving Creator?

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Written by David Rives

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