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A Matter of Faith

“After all, what is the difference between arguing in favor of an eternal existing creator versus an eternal existing universe?” – Dr. Lawrence M. Krauss

While talking to an atheist, I recently tried to grasp the logic in The evolutionary realm that “faith” is the substance of things hoped for.

Scientists anticipate constant debates over “good” science or “bad” scientific measures, however, when examining the proverbial “big picture”, one must come to the reality that both sides lack evident, observational, and experimental evidence to support their theories. (If we can call them that)

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My objective to writing such an article is to remind all analytical and skeptical critics -such as myself- of the equality of faith practised by both creationists and evolutionists, and will never stand upon scientific basis alone!

After all, I suppose, in essence, scientific evidence supports the Bible: However, I must also note painstakingly that the supposition of most Christians is to refuse science: laying claim to the contradiction it causes to Hebrews 11:1. (Blind faith) Christians who refuse to be knowledgeable about the evidence all around them in defence toward this verse lack understanding and also the knowledge of Romans 1:20.

However, evidence may point to a Divine Design and Intellectual Predetermination of laws, order, etc. One must come to the faith that HE IS. And that he is Jesus Christ and no other God. (Thus I understand that faith, to an extent, does not require scientific data or measures)

I recognise -and firmly believe- science harmonizes, strengthens and provides even more confidence to our faith!

When it all comes down to God versus evolution toward which do we find supportive evidence by scientific observation?

Evidence can, in fact, be slighted to coincide in accordance to the Outlook or worldview of another. Sadly, deception and misrepresentations do occur.

One may look at the evidence and say:

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“Wow! that took interminable periods of time!” (Under the influence of what they have heard)
and another that:

Whoa! It happened in just a few years!”(Under the influence of what they have heard)

The question I had, in relation to the two World Views, was not necessarily “who was correct in the assessment of the geological and naturalistic processes we presently see today”, but rather,

“To what end is the base core of belief systems, and the foundation of the View that slighted such observations? If at all? And where does this lead?”

Then, I became aware that James Hutton was slighted, Charles Lyell was slighted, Charles Darwin was slighted, by the slighted opinion of another!

Is creationism then slighted? Is there a possible way we could be wrong and if so, who dreamed up God?


Regarding the sleight of man: how could we prove our stance, or they prove evolutionism?

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Why should we follow mankind’s assessment of scientific accuracy and trust their intelligence if we have evolved from apelike ancestors, with no basic knowledge; who believe we evolved our moral behavior? Or that we simply stumbled upon learning to think, have a conscience, depict right from wrong for ourselves, et cetera?

Why trust in Mankind’s judgment and assessments if we are nothing but a primitive life form that we believe has become the most complex after millions of years of evolution? What makes them an authority to determine they are logically thinking accurately?

Believing we were created intelligent from the beginning, created in the image of God, with moral laws, and given specific commands of what is acceptable to God and what is deemed abominable, seems to better coincide logically!

Why not then, trust in God, who talked out loud to man in the past, who also appeared after his death to five hundred witnesses? Still has an empty tomb to this day, who heals, provides, and guides all of nature? What then is the risk?

It is true that we have historical, genealogical, and nature’s accounts favoring the authenticity of a relatively young Earth: ultimately, Jesus Christ and his authenticity, and his reincarnated appearance to the human race.

But that, would constrain us to the admittance of fallibility and accountability to an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, sovereign, just, righteous, pure, and Holy GOD: Of which we will not even admit exists to begin with (if we are looking at things from a natural inclination of man’s mortal nature)


While Christianity places faith upon “God”, Evolution places faith upon “millions of years”.

We are all very well aware that they try to use their uncalibrated dating methods in radiocarbon and radiometric dating systems, they’re confidence in the very shaky fossil record, and they also like to try to convince us that life must have evolved millions and millions of years ago in order to allow the species to progress throughout time into more complex organisms. (Not observed)

Where then is the evidence for evolution, and their millions of years assumption?

To purport we were once Ew that evolved to goo to eventually you….where is the observational evidence of such single-celled organisms evolving from nonliving chemical soup?

And the excuse of the atmospheric conditions is just another ad hoc Miracle – oops did I say Miracle -?! Perhaps the better word is Chance?

Evidence is one thing. And to that, I know we have insurmountably pointing to supernatural intelligence!

Faith comes in knowing that the Creator is the LORD Jehovah! There is one God, one true FAITH, one way into heaven.

So are you inclined to question evolutionary chance, or Divine appointed Miracles?

The difference lies in the direction in which we place our faith, and the difference spans from Hell below to Heaven above; which direction however you wish to go, is based upon the direction upon which you base your faith!

By the way, to answer Dr. Lawrence’s question above and have more to spare:

A purpose

A free will

A sin nature


A conscience

A soul

A Savior

And eternity in Hell without Him!

But to be scientific you cannot believe matter is eternal due to the second laws of thermodynamics: and God is above scientific laws: hence the Creator.

Ref. “A UNIVERSE FROM NOTHING” pref. Pg. xii. By Ph.D. Physicist Lawrence M. Krauss

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Written by Janessa (Cooper) Shelton

Janessa (Cooper) Shelton, saw the need for Creation-based entertainment and materials while traveling with her family around the US and Mexico, and developed Coral Island Adventures, an audio production dedicated to the Bible and Scientific facts from 2010-2018. She has founded Kids Find Truth the ultimate science club, and POWER Kids International in 2022.

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