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When Compasses Strangely Prove the Earth is Young

A compass is a common item brought along on a camping trip and when traveling through a forest or wilderness. I have one attached to my cross-shaped carabiner key chain to always have one on hand. On the compass, the arrow will always point north (unless it has malfunctioned, of course). Have you ever wondered why a compass’s arrow points north? The answer has to do with the earth’s magnetic field.

In the core of the earth, an enormous electric current is produced that causes our world to create a magnetic attraction and pull. The magnetic pull is the reason the arrow on a compass will point to “magnetic north.”

How does this prove a young earth?

Scientists studying the earth’s magnetic forces have realized that these forces are getting weaker every year. According to one government report measuring the decaying field, the whole magnetic field will be gone by the year 3991 AD!

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If we observe how fast the magnetic field is decaying today and try to calculate how long it has been decaying, we learn something fascinating.

If you go backward for just, let’s say, a few thousand years, the heat inside the earth would have been so great that the earth would have broken apart and cracked (possibly Pangaea breaking apart after a climate-changing global flood).

And there’s more.

Thomas G. Barnes, a physicist, specified that after studying and measuring the earth’s magnetic field, the earth could only be about 10,000 years old, which happens to be the approximant limit age of the earth by young earth creationists (Usually calculated to be 6,000 years, but anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000).

Assuming that the magnetic field decayed at the same rate in the past, then the 10,000-year-only age is correct. Evolutionists have a habit of assuming that what happens today has always happened at the same rate in ancient times. By using the evolutionists’ own assumption of uniformitarianism, we are able to prove a young earth. Yet if we add in other factors that could have increased the drop rate of the magnetic field, we could easily get an age of the earth to calculate at around 6,000 years.

There you have it, folks: a young earth.

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Written by Christ Follower

This gentleman loves Jesus so much he is working on his biblical scholarship degree, which has meant stepping out of the active creation science community. He has asked for his real name to be removed from here because, although he continues to trust God on creation, he feels he's grown so much as a writer since these articles were written!

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  1. Thank you, David. You are an inspiration for the truth that God has layed out for us to discover. Keep givng your marvelous talents to all of us to see and hear.😘🙌🙏

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