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My UFO Experience

The UFO phenomenon is a real phenomenon. I will get to that and then my personal experience last. For now, in support of that proposition, I will just refer the reader to some of the books on the subject by Jacques Vallee. In my opinion, Jacques Vallee is the only UFO investigator who has ever approached the subject in a truly scientific way with no “angle” or ax to grind: see his books, “Dimensions”-1988, “Confrontations” –1990, “Revelations” -1991, and “Messengers of Deception,” -1979, and several other titles.  Vallee went where the evidence led him.

Recent US Navy Video of UFO

I would like to point the reader’s attention below to four recent videos, all of which feature a video recently released by the U. S. Navy. This footage was widely reported on by news agencies asround the world. I would only like to draw the reader’s attention to this one example here, the authenticity of which I believe is unimpeachable, and the content of which I believe cannot be explained by any conventional proposal. The visual appearance of the “object” is due to the footage being in infrared. The Fox News clip video is of a guest on Fox News with some commentary about the source of the video being from the U. S. Navy, which is the point I wish to stress. The History Channel clip is particularly interesting to me personally.

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CCTV English, length 1 minute, 1 second

CBS This Morning, length 4 minutes, 55 seconds

History Channel, length 7 minutes, 42 seconds

Fox News, length 2 minutes, 27 seconds

My Personal Research on the UFO Subject

When I was a teenager, I was really into the UFO subject for a while and I read about 30 books on the topic by people such as J. Allen Hynek, Donald Keyhoe, et al. I have not delved into the subject in as much depth since then, although I have taken note of news and documentaries over the years. I never drew a conclusion about UFO’s in my teenage years but leaned towards the idea of misinterpretation of ordinary events and hoaxes.

I did not believe at that time (and still do not) that any physical phenomenon could possibly be so elusive even if it was caused by a highly technically-advanced race of beings. At that time I did not believe there were such things as extra dimensions or a spirit realm. In short, as fascinated as I was by the subject, I remained a skeptic about any “unconventional” explanations…until I became a Christian, that is, and came to believe in the biblical view of reality.

What Are They?

There are at least seven proposed explanations of UFO’s of which I am aware:

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  • Aliens from a planet, or planets, elsewhere in the universe
  • Time travelers or devices from the future
  • Some as yet unexplained natural phenomenon
  • Psychic projections which actually originate from the minds of human beings
  • Extradimensional beings or phenomena related to extra-dimensional beings.
  • Demons, i.e., fallen angels
  • Hoaxes and misinterpretation of data

The truth is, that the UFO phenomenon is a mixed bag of real phenomena with a generous dose of the last option above. The extraterrestrial hypothesis is, far and away, the most popular view. According to the extraterrestrial hypothesis, UFO’s are craft piloted by intelligent beings who are, like ourselves, physical, material beings who evolved on some undetermined planet in the cosmos. Note how the assumption of evolution is foundational to the ET hypothesis.
There are probably more people who believe in the ET hypothesis than all of the other proposed explanations combined.

However, the supposed ET’s and their “devices” have proven to be most elusive, a fact which seems to run counter to the basic proposition of natural, materialistic origin. Upon critical examination of all of the testimonies and evidence, the extraterrestrial hypothesis turns out to be the least plausible explanation.

Characteristics and Features of the Phenomenon

It is the very elusive nature of the phenomenon that is its most prominent and salient characteristic:

these things are surreal, dreamlike, popping into view out of nowhere and vanishing again in an instant of time; others perform shape-shifting feats, transmorphing in shape and size; others are apparent discrete “objects” merging into a single unified object and/or vice versa; others accelerating and/or decelerating at virtually the speed of thought or reversing direction without any change of speed, etc., others, both “craft” and “aliens” traversing right through solid walls or going straight into the ground without leaving a trace, or through trees etc.; fuzziness or indistinctness of form is also a common feature.

In many videos, the fuzziness is not from being out of focus but is a feature of the manifestation. Many of the “close encounter” testimonies include what can only be called psychic phenomenon, of direct communication from mind to mind, etc. The list could go on and on.

Such features and dynamics are powerfully indicative of something of a non-physical nature. I can understand why some have speculated that these manifestations are psychic projections.

The Connection to the Creation-Evolution Controversy

As I pointed out above, the pseudo-science of evolution looms large in the cultural framework of interpretation of the ET hypothesis. Our academicians, with their vehement devotion to the religion of Naturalism and the myriad falsehoods of evolution, have done an effective job of conditioning the minds of its students to accept the ET interpretation of UFO phenomenon. The correct understanding of what UFO’s actually are, in my opinion, is corroborative of the biblical faith.

And I have a personal story to tell…

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My UFO Experience

My experience was rather mundane compared to many of the other stories that have been told. I had no Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind. I was not “abducted.” I had no “missing time.” I did not wind up with any marks on my body. No beam of light shone down upon me. But I did witness something real, and no conventional explanation would seem to explain it.

This is what happened:

On February 22nd, 2012, I was sitting in my car on the parking lot of my place of employment during my lunchbreak (evening, second shift, I was working till 11 PM or midnight). I was talking on my cell phone to a good friend. My employer’s parking lot is maybe 300 – 400 feet west of a very busy interstate highway with a road and a field in between. The highway there runs in a pretty much North-South direction. I was facing South with a mostly clear view of the sky. It was evening, about 7:30 – 8 PM as I recall, and dark. There was no moon that night, being the night of the new moon. The weather was clear, completely cloudless as I recall, and it was a cold night. Due to the cold, I had my windows up while talking to my friend.

From that location, there is an airport about 30 miles also due South. You can see planes from that spot in the distance flying into and out of the airport pretty much continually. As I sat there in my car talking to my friend, one of the “airplanes” caught my notice in particular.
What caught my eye was the color. Instead of the usual red (or green and white) light of an airplane, I noticed that this light looked pure orange in color, not especially bright, but bright enough to see easily, and with a steady non-varying glow.
Initially, I did not give this any real thought or attention to what I was seeing as I was preoccupied with my conversation with my friend, but I did find my eye constantly looking back at the orange light because of the unusualness of the color. I chalked up the apparent color to atmospheric distortion and distance.

However, I quickly noticed that the apparent size of the orange light began to grow slowly and it was moving in a northerly direction, that is to say closer to my location. As the orange light got closer, I could discern that it had a very sharp, well-defined circular shape and was apparently much closer to me than the 25 miles or so I had initially assumed, probably less than a mile away. The light appeared to be two dimensional as the image on a TV screen is two dimensional. At this point, I began describing to my friend what I was seeing. A round, orange, glowing, twenty-five foot disk in the sky will get your attention!

The light continued to grow slowly in size as it was coming closer to my location, and close enough that I could tell it was moving slowly, creeping really, in a northerly direction and apparently positioned directly over the interstate highway. I assumed at this point that what I was looking at must have been a helicopter, as no plane would be moving that slowly. When the orange light came to a spot just a little south of my own location it stopped and was hovering there absolutely motionless. As best I could tell, it was hovering directly over the highway.

The length of time since I first noticed the orange circular light to the moment it began hovering motionless over the highway was about 2 full minutes. I estimated its size to be roughly 25 feet in diameter based upon a comparison to the vehicles traveling on the highway; and I would estimate its height above the ground at about 200 feet.

Although I had never seen a helicopter which sported a round orange glow about 25 feet in diameter, I decided I must be seeing a helicopter. It had to be. After all, it was hovering there motionless.
Now, let me interject here that there had been serious traffic accidents in that location on the highway more than once in the past and the noise from the news helicopters and police helicopters was quite loud from that proximity.

I opened my window to listen but all I could hear was traffic noise from the vehicles on the highway. I knew from the previous accidents in that location on the highway that I would be able to clearly hear any helicopter even with my windows closed. There was no discernible noise coming from the orange light. I realized with certainty at that point that whatever I was looking at, it was neither a plane nor a helicopter.

Now, it really had my attention. What exactly was I looking at? Was I actually having a genuine UFO experience? The cell phone I was using at that time was an old flip phone with no video capability while talking on the phone. I did not have the presence of mind to try to take a photograph. I was too preoccupied describing to my friend what I was seeing.

The “object” continued to hover there absolutely motionless for about two full minutes or more. I was trying without any success to see any hint of features of an object above the circular light, but I could discern nothing. The circular orange light itself appeared to be all there was to the “object.” It seemed to be entirely two-dimensional. Then the light began to move again and slowly drift back in a southerly direction over the highway the same way it had come.

“It’s moving back slowly the same way it came,” I told my friend.

As the light slowly retreated back in a southerly direction, it continued its steady orange glow. It did not flash, or blink, or change in brightness at all, just the same, steady, pure orange glow.

Suddenly, I noticed steam or smoke, perhaps from a vehicle on the highway, or perhaps emitted by the “object” itself, pass by the light and I saw the “object” cast an orange glow on the steam/smoke as it passed by the light. The object continued to drift back the way it came for maybe another 30 seconds after the steam/smoke passed by…and then, amazingly, it just vanished in an instant of time! There was something there, and then there wasn’t.

I estimate the whole episode took about six minutes.

What about a down-to-earth, conventional explanation? Could what I saw have been a drone? My best answer to that is that drones were just beginning to appear on the market for ordinary consumers at that time and the cheapest ones were selling for about $4000, and were nowhere near twenty-five feet in diameter. I am not aware of any commercial drone which sported a 25-foot circular orange glowing disk, so I think that speculation can be ruled out. It certainly was not a plane, and I think the helicopter explanation can be definitively ruled out, as well. In my opinion, there’s no conventional explanation which solves the mystery of what it was that I saw.

My Interpretation

I believe UFO’s are demonic manifestations and that they are all about deception. When this subject comes up, I like to get everyone thinking by proclaiming that, “Ghost phenomena and UFO phenomena are the same phenomena.” Most people look at me with a blank stare when I tell them that. They can’t imagine that there can be any possible connection between “ghosts” and UFO phenomena. In the popular mind, these are two completely distinct and separate subjects. Human beings tend to believe what they see with their eyes, but even parlor magicians can make us think we have seen something which we did not really see. Imagine what deception can be achieved by an entity which can appear in any form it wants!

I can offer no definitive explanation of why a demon would manifest itself as a glowing orange light, or what it was doing slowly traversing above the highway, or why it would then disappear, except maybe to deceive people into believing in ET’s.  I saw what I saw, and I offer my experience to be included in the catalog of witnesses.


There is another realm or domain which exists side-by-side with our ordinary workaday world. I don’t think this proposition is rationally deniable given the evidence, and it is a matter of faith as Christians that this is so.  My point here is that the evidence, including the evidence of my experience, backs up this article of faith. Sometimes that realm manifests itself (actually themselves) in a way which is visible to us and our technology such as radar, video cameras, etc.

I believe, as I said above, that it is all demonic, and that they can project a visual appearance to appear as anything they want. This is where the UFO topic intersects with the subject of “ghosts” and spirits. The same entities which manifest themselves as UFOs, as apparent alien spacecraft, can certainly also manifest themselves as your long dead great-grandmother coming to give you a message from “the other side.” Whether UFO’s or your long dead great-grandmother, it is all about deception. These entities are malevolent toward God and toward human beings. It is all about leading lost souls away from the truth. For them, that is the end game.

Conclusions From Scientific Research

I would like to return to and conclude with some comments by Jacques Vallee, from his book, Confrontations.

UFO encounters are complete frameworks into which the personality of the witness becomes projected. Like a movie that terrifies you, makes you cry, laugh, or perspire in anguish, the experience becomes part of the witness’s reality. The ufologists behave like social researchers who, trying to understand the phenomenon of the cinema, would randomly interview people coming out of the theaters and take their testimony at face value; like the UFO witnesses, these people are not lying. Some of them have seen Godzilla, others have seen Bambi. The experience, in every case, was real to them.

But the reality we should inquire about, the reality that UFO researchers are often ignoring, is the movie projector high up in a small, dark, locked room near the ceiling. In that room is the technology that will give you both Bambi and Godzilla, Star Wars and, yes, even Close Encounters.

Like the technology of the cinema, the UFO technology is a metasystem. It generates whatever phenomena are appropriate at our level, at a given epoch, in a given state of the ‘market.’…

It is useless to ask why some witnesses see giants and others see dwarfs, why some abductions are benign and some are harmful, why some encounter victims are shown sophisticated technology, while others report rapes and other indignities.

While our fellow ufologists are clustering on the sidewalk interviewing moviegoers, I think the real questions are elsewhere. My own research takes me up the back stairs where nobody goes. My goal is to pick the lock of the projectionists’ secret little booth, to discover at last what makes the reels turn and the machine tick.”—pg. 161-162, Confrontations, [Emphasis added]

Jacques Vallee’s lock pick, let me insist, consists of the Bible and its teachings about God and angels and demons. There is no “technology” behind the manifestations, as Vallee believes. The “projections” are generated directly by demons. The “projector” is, in my opinion, simply demons projecting (or “emanating” if you will) images straight from their own being. I believe it is all…well… “organic,” for want of a better term. Vallee, although coming about as close as secular empiricism can get him to the truth, does not understand that many of us have already busted the projectionist’s booth door wide open and exposed it to the light.

[For more information see the extensive documentary and book Alien Intrusion from Creation Ministries International]

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Written by Tom Shipley

I am a former atheist and was an evolutionist during my college days, but came to faith in Christ at the age of 20. I regard my pro-creation activities as part of the work of the kingdom of God. I believe that a very tough, strident and unapologetic stance against evolution is called for though I may soften my tone if and when Mark Armitage and David Coppedge, fired for their creationist beliefs, are given their jobs back. Articles copyright Tom Shipley. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Mr. Shipley, if your UFO encounter was a demonic manifestation (and not one of the other six options you mentioned), do you have a theory as to why you were presented this manifestation? Or why others, especially Christians, may experience them as well? Is it a demonic strategy to derail our Biblical thinking into the occult, or divert us from some form of ministry or effectiveness in the kingdom? Just curious why demons would choose to manifest themselves in this manner to certain people. Thanks for the reply!

  2. Hi, William. Thanks for the response. Good questions! It would be a presumption without me having any proof to believe that the manifestation was presented to me specifically or that the “entity” even knew I was there or that I was observing. I was not in the immediate vicinity and there were untold numbers of potential “spectators” driving on the (always very busy) highway below who were closer. Your proposed motive is certainly a possible motive. But I’d be speculating again. My main concern with the article was apologetic in nature. However you “cut the cake” on this one, God, in His sovereignty, had me there to witness the phenomenon, a phenomenon I believe cannot be explained on the basis of Naturalism and which supports the proposition of a spiritual cause.

  3. I have to agree. I am not saying ETs could never exist, though I don’t believe in them, but they obviously would also have been created by God. Either way, there is no current proof they are real (at least that I know of). People tend to fail to remember that UFO stands for “UNIDENTIFIED Flying Object”, as in: the cause is yet unknown (or rather, unproven). I have long believed based on the evidence that many UFO sightings (as well as certain other sightings) are spiritual in nature.

    Personally, I think SOME – obviously not all – of these sightings may be of angels. After all, several of the visions in the Bible, such as in Ezekiel, contain descriptions of spiritual beings many might describe as UFOs. However, it is important to distinguish between the two sources. “For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes.” Luke 6:44, KJV. Angels serve God, so therefore would NEVER attempt to terrify people or otherwise distract them from following Jesus in any way (if an encounter IN ITSELF – as in, not any godly correction/visions of the future it may include – makes you feel very nervous or afraid, it was likely not from God; God encourages us & gives us peace, not fear). True angels would also never abduct &/or torture people, therefore any such encounters must be the work of evil spirits. For years, I have had great comfort in remembering this, as well as that God is in control of every situation.

    Thank you so much for your article. May it help everyone realize the importance of remembering/realizing there is a spirit realm, as well as the importance of putting God first.

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