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Quasar Redshifts Blast Big Bang

By John Hartnett

Part 3 of his video series “Redshifts and the Universe”.

Watch Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE!

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The work and hypothesis of Halton Arp is presented of evidence for a creation scenario where galaxies are created out of the hearts of active galaxies, beginning as quasars, which evolve over time to galaxies we see (the word ‘evolution’ used here means change, not addition of new information by random chance). He shows that for at least quasars there is evidence that indicates quasars are not at their supposed redshift distances according to the Hubble law. This then says one cannot trust the standard redshift interpretation upon which the big bang model depends.

Learn more about Mr. Hartnett and his materials at his website,!

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Written by John Hartnett B.Sc., Ph.D.

John is a Physicist and Cosmologist, currently working as an Associate Professor in Adelaide, South Australia. He writes on the subject of science and faith, and speaks on Creation/Evolution issues in universities, schools, churches, and the media.

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