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Redshifts and the Universe

By John Hartnett

Part 1 of 2. Watch the second video in this series HERE! Watch the third video HERE!

I outline what redshifts are and how they are used as a distance measure in the Universe. The usual practice is to equate redshift to expansion of space then in an expanding universe the greater the redshift the greater the distance in the Universe. But can this be justified from laboratory experiments? How sure are we that the universe began in a big bang? Does it all come down to our interpretation of what redshifts are?

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Written by John Hartnett B.Sc., Ph.D.

John is a Physicist and Cosmologist, currently working as an Associate Professor in Adelaide, South Australia. He writes on the subject of science and faith, and speaks on Creation/Evolution issues in universities, schools, churches, and the media.

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