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The Birds and the Bees Point to a Designer

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[Originally published as The Best Argument The Creation is Engineered—Not Evolved!]

You know that I often point out that most evolutionist explanations are just stories; stories that sometimes are best understood as fairy tales. However, with regard to sexual reproduction, evolutionists cannot even come up with a story. Perhaps that would make sexual reproduction the

“Best Argument against Evolution.”

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In Genesis 1:26, God said that he made man from the dust of the ground God’s image to rule over earth’s creatures. Then, in Genesis 2:17, God said it was not good for man to be alone.

From this, we can properly understand that if any additional men were to be made, God would need to do the making. However, after God made all the animals and birds, and after the first man (Adam) had named them all, no suitable helper was found for Adam (Genesis 2:19-22). God then created woman from Adam’s side, and decreed that “they would become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24).

So, there is no room for evolution at this point in the biblical account, only the intelligent, creative, work of God.

By Genesis 4, we learn that Adam and Eve are able, along “with the help of the LORD,” to have children. This is accomplished through the process of sexual reproduction, and there is no evolution in evidence here either. One man and one woman coming together was required to produce another human being.

We now know scientifically how marvelously complex the process of reproduction really is. It had to be perfect from the beginning to be successful the first time and each time after. Cain and Abel would not have come to be if nature had relied on some process of evolution.

The radically different, yet perfectly complementary, reproductive systems of Adam and Eve must have been complete, simultaneously, at the same location. Evolutionists, along with medical experts, all understand that any slight incompleteness in only one of the two would make both reproductive systems useless.

From what would the male or the female reproductive systems evolve? Can you imagine an answer to this question? Neither can the evolutionists!

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More Thoughts on This

  1. Not only would the physical systems of the male and female need to be compatible, but also the chemical and emotional systems.
  2. The male sperm and female eggs must have total mechanical, chemical and electrical compatibility.
  3. A tightly controlled system must be in place for the development and survival of the sperm and egg so as allow for the continuation of the species.
  4. From the beginning, there would need to be a tightly controlled environment for the fertilized egg to survive from conception on to allow for a viable birth. These systems could not evolve over time or it would result in immediate extinction.
  5. To explain sexual reproduction by means of evolution, this series of “random accidents” must be repeated for each of the millions of species that use sexual reproduction to carry on their genes. We are talking here about miracle upon miracle.

The reality is that evolutionists have been unable to propose an adequate cause or mechanism to explain how opposite sexes could have developed even one time let alone for millions of species. This is why it is easy for creationists to accept the straightforward explanation of reproduction found in the Bible.

God used his infinite intelligence and power to engineer the male and female reproductive systems right at the beginning. Woman was modified as needed by God from the material he took from the side of the man so as to allow for the miracle of reproduction.

Gender Differences Beyond Reproduction

Scientists have discovered that in addition to their reproductive systems there are other genetic differences between the sexes in humans, such as:

  • Men and women metabolize drugs differently.
  • Adult men and women have different physiological reactions to alcohol due to enzyme variations in the sexes.
  • Men’s and women’s sleep cycles tend to be different.
  • Differences in physical and mental capabilities of the sexes tend to influence occupational preferences for each.*

From the pseudoscience of gender fluidity in vogue these days, it is possible that an evolutionary explanation could be forthcoming for sexual reproduction. If so, I expect it will be found not to be any more realistic than the perverted philosophies upon which it will be based.


*Bergman, Jerry, Acts & Facts, June 2018. ICR, “Male-Female Differences Supported by Scripture and Science,” P. 15.

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Written by J.D. Mitchell

J.D. Mitchell is a retired mechanical engineer, book author, and creation speaker living in the Pacific Northwest. His creation studies specialties are Creation Engineering and Biblical Paleontology. You can find his work at Creation Engineering

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