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Millions of Years? No!

So many scientific observations go against the very fabric of…

   Millions of Years is Science?

The Scientific method says no!

Majority has been taught, that fossils must be millions of years old, due to the massive amounts of time that it  supposedly takes for deposition, petrification or fossilization. And in my previous article about rapid petrification, and my friend Dr. Jerry Simmons:

Petrification is a process where the minerals have taken the place of the object and hardened as stone. A fossil that is fossilized could still obtain osteocytes, and other materials as the bone itself was preserved deep in the right sedentary conditions.

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Also we must establish as a practicing scientist the importance of the scientific method that most do not follow these days.

To acclaim to a fact, one must first experience the observation of the possibility, then prove that observation by experimentation. In repetition of the experimentation, we may now document the results, and provide the public with the proven fact.

     Petrifying Well of Yorkshire:

The most astounding fact that I find the most befuddling to the entire view of millions of years of fossilization to occur is the mineral laden Dripping Well of Yorkshire!

Near York England, it has been proven faithful with artefacts such as hats, clothes, and stuffed bears to turn them into solid rock in simply a matter of a few months!

If rapid mineral transformation to petrification occurred, then it behooves a scientist to research determine the phenomena of such events.

     Mineral Content of the Well of Yorkshire:

The first observation was the mineral content of the water.

As the water hits the various objects hanging there by tourists, they find that the high amount of calcite (calcium carbonate) and small amounts of other mineral variables is the cause to the petrification or fossilization.

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The reason then for this, is determined by observing the water resources are from underground.

Another observation and experimentation, is determining how long it takes for different objects and why. Finding the time depends on the porosity and size of the object and further, assists scientists to determine the overall time allotted for the process. Petrification happened to smaller stuffed bears in about 3-5 months, larger bears from 6-12 months!

     Rapid Petrification and the Right Conditions:

So the conclusion is that the petrification and fossilization highly depends upon the mineral resources available and the presence of water! (The right conditions)

How does this tell scientists that it took millions of years for such a process? It actually points them to recent catastrophic mineral laden, liquid burying event: Noah’s Flood!fossilized bowler hat rapid petrification took place

It is also not surprising that New Zealand has a rapid petrification testimony in a Bowler hat on display, and also, as well, Australia has a waterwheel incased in solid stone due to the rapid petrification.

Another interesting observation scientist like to avoid and ignore completely is the obvious appearances of polystrate fossils in amongst the petrified layers of strata! (poly means many and stratum means layers.)polystrate tree fossil shooting through multiple geographic layers defying the Geologic timescale

Scientists are finding totally petrified trees straight through multiple layers of rock they claim are millions of years apart!

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This is a problem! And go and look for yourself! Some of the locations are:

    • Joggins, Novia Scotia,
    • Specimen Ridge, Yellowstone,
    • Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park, Washington,
    • Lompoc, California,

     Peru also contains over three hundred forty six well preserved whale bones that are polystrate!         How could they have slowly fossilized over millions of years sticking through layers that took millions of years to form!? The whale bones would have rotted due to the levels of oxygen and other elements!

     Evidence is Being Willfully Ignored!

The reason for millions of years is this: It is the hook of the hangar whereon fastens the entire evolutionary agenda. Once that is removed, and millions of years holds false in accordance to the scientific method, then they must denounce the entire philosophy!

Let’s once again consider evidence over ideologies! Go and look for yourself! Research! Do the math, and realize there cannot be two realities!

-The Creation Adventurer-


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Written by Janessa (Cooper) Shelton

Janessa (Cooper) Shelton, saw the need for Creation-based entertainment and materials while traveling with her family around the US and Mexico, and developed Coral Island Adventures, an audio production dedicated to the Bible and Scientific facts from 2010-2018. She has founded Kids Find Truth the ultimate science club, and POWER Kids International in 2022.

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