Daily Archives : May 1, 2017

UnMasking Mistakes in Memes of Evolution – Part 3: Codes and Complexity

We come now to some particularly egregious errors in our series to unmask the faulty logic and science behind defenses given for the theory of (neo) Darwinian evolution. Stated simply, neo-Darwinism says all life on earth derived via natural selection…

May 1, 2017

For God So Loved a Pale Blue Dot

Have you ever seen a picture so powerful that it remains forever etched in your mind? The Kiss. Afghan Girl. Migrant Mother. All these are iconic images that, for me, are unforgettable. But there’s one picture that tops them all. It’s called Pale Blue…

May 1, 2017

I SEE NO-SEE-UMS – Karl C. Priest

When I am outdoors during the early morning and evening hours on mild to hot days I am usually aware of a severe itching sensation on exposed skin. I know that I am being bitten by an insect known as…

May 1, 2017