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Mark Opheim

Mark is currently an on-the-road trucker, but he previously studied biblical chronology. He has shared several articles with us, written by him or others, on the topic.

Creation and Chronology

If Creation Science is the empirical study of the material world with the Israelite narrative as the guide, then chronology is the study of the Israelite narrative with Creation as its guide.  That sounds… tautological, don’t you think?  Let’s try…

October 5, 2014

Reckoning Time

By John Koestler. What is the date today? When did today begin? When does this week begin? When does next month begin? When does next year begin? Here in western civilization we have accepted definitions for these things that have…

August 23, 2014

The Sun, Moon and Stars of Genesis 1

What does it mean that the “greater light,” and the “lesser light” and the “stars” of Genesis 1 were “given for signs, seasons, days and years?”  First and foremost, these celestial bodies are not accidents of some physical process but…

August 3, 2014