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Dinosaur Blood and the >Real< Age of the Earth, Part 3

Continued – (Click here to read Part 1) Continued – (Click here to read Part 2)   This is the third installment of our series, “Dinosaur Blood and the Real Age of the Earth.” This is a response to Fuz…

March 21, 2017

Dinosaur Blood and the >REAL< Age of the Earth: Part 2

Continued – (Click Here to Read Part 1) Introduction “Academia is a den of vipers.”–Stephen Jay Gould, The Panda’s Thumb, pg. 112 “The tyranny in the matter of evolution is overwhelming to a degree of which the outsider has no…

March 7, 2017

Evolution and the character of God

Last month I was talking with a friend who believes God used evolution to bring about life on earth. He believes that Genesis is fully compatible with the theory of evolution, and that enormous epochs of time transpired during the…

March 1, 2017

Survival Of The Fittest – Why You Should Believe In Creation …And Not Evolution

Why should you believe in creation, and not evolution? I mean, scientifically speaking. Haven’t we proven that evolution is a fact? Survival of the fittest to reproduce, or “natural selection,” is considered to be the driving force behind evolution. It…

February 26, 2017

Insects Were on the Ark – Karl C. Priest

I love the cartoons of Noah, the Ark, and insects!  They usually involve mosquitoes or termites.  I saw one where Noah had a problem with the aardvark eating the ants.  Another one show drops of rain splattering around Noah as…

February 1, 2017

The Crimson Worm Video Trailer

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January 9, 2017


Creeping Things The word “insect” is not in the Bible. The American Heritage Dictionary defines “creep” as (moving) with the body close to the ground.  Therefore, taking the obvious meaning in context “creeping things” refers to insects. Some “creeping things”…

January 1, 2017

Master of Web Design

A gentle fog lingered in the autumn morning air.  As I walked across the damp grass, I was excited to see the rain gauge after the stormy day before.   I stopped suddenly to gaze at the glistening barrier between me…

October 14, 2016

A Praying Mantis Hunting Hummingbirds

With its instant reflexes, the praying mantis is one of only a few creatures known to successfully capture, and eat hummingbirds. We recently discovered this curious insect on one of our hummingbird feeders. So I found a camera and recorded…

September 20, 2016


Regarding the creation of insects, “God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good (Genesis 1:25)….

September 1, 2016