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Carbon-14 In Diamonds – Why You Should Believe In Creation …And Not Evolution

Why should you believe in creation, and not evolution? I mean, scientifically speaking. Haven’t we proven that evolution is a fact? For there to be any hope that evolution happened, our earth must be millions and billions of years old….

February 16, 2017

The Role of Assumptions Part Two: The Nature of the Debate

Thinking and discovering (i.e. philosophy and science) both rest on a foundational platform of axioms which are unprovable assumptions necessary to even begin. There are two kinds of assumptions: one that is a present confidence in some knowledge gained in…

June 3, 2015

C21C TV with David Rives I “How Old is Earth? A Look at Radioisotope Dating”

Creation in the 21st Century with David Rives “How Old Is Earth?” This question is one that has been the foundation of many debates between people who believe in man’s unproven theories and those of us who put our trust…

February 1, 2015

When Compasses Strangely Prove the Earth is Young

A compass is a common item brought along in a camping trip and when traveling through a forest or wilderness, as you probably know. I actually have one attached to my Cross-shaped carabiner key chain. On the compass, the arrow…

January 23, 2015

Did God Make The Earth Look Old?

An uncomfortable situation arises when a Christian scholar has to make the choice between Biblical history and secular geologic history. Much of the world is convinced that as we travel through the geologic layers, fossil remains illustrate Earth’s epically old…

December 23, 2014

Human Population: A Crisis for an Old Earth

According to historical records and censuses of the past, the human population doubles in size approximately every 35 years. Obviously, that’s not exactly true right down to each baby born, but it can become a useful number when discussing population…

September 25, 2014

Carbon-14, Archaeology, Dinosaurs, and Why You Should Care

By Cheri Fields Some time ago, I wrote about a temple complex near the mountains of Ararat, which everyone agrees is really old. In fact, archaeologists date it to 8,000 BC (or earlier) even though the style is quite ‘advanced.’…

September 12, 2014

C21C TV with David Rives: “The Genetics of Adam and Eve”

Creation in the 21st Century with David Rives Join David Rives in this episode of Creation in the 21st Century as he welcomes Dr. Georgia Purdom of Answers In Genesis to the program to discuss “The Genetics of Adam and…

July 28, 2014

C21C TV with David Rives | “Grand Canyon | The Puzzle on the Plateau”

Creation in the 21st Century with David Rives Join David Rives in this episode of Creation in the 21st Century as he welcomes Mike Snavely of Mission: Imperative to the program to discuss an in intriguing theory as to how…

July 18, 2014

Creation Bytes: The Giant’s Causeway?

By Paul Taylor Did the Giant’s Causeway between Ireland and Scotland form over millions of years of volcanic activity? Or was it a result of the Genesis Flood? Creation Bytes- A Creation Today Ministries video series, with Paul Taylor of…

May 20, 2014